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SAP Screen Personas

Filling Fields through URL Parameters

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Sebastian Steinhauer


This document explains how you can fill different types of fields through the use of URL parameters.


When using SAP WebGUI there are different approaches on how to populate fields directly from the URL. Specifically there is a difference between fields contained in the original vanilla SAP Screen and fields inserted into the screen using SAP Screen Personas.

Filling original Dynpro fields using URL Parameters:

In order to populate fields already included in the original SAP Dynpro screen you can construct a url parameter as follows:

  • Identify the transaction you would like to use -> for example SU01
  • Identify the "Field description for Batch Input" for the field in question -> for example SUID_ST_BNAME-BNAME
    • Focus on the Field
    • Press F1
    • In the newly opened pop-up (Performance Assistant) press the icon "Technical Information"
    • You will see the "Field description for Batch Input" at the bottom of the "Technical Information" popup

In order to construct the URL parameter to pre-fill the field use the following format:


In our example above &~transaction=*SU01 SUID_ST_BNAME-BNAME=STEINHAUERS

More details about the use of the ~transaction parameter is available here: How to prefill fields and skip first screen with webgui?

Filling SAP Screen Personas inserted fields

Fields inserted by SAP Screen Personas are filled following a similar approach. 

  • Identify the SID of the field using the script inspector tool
  • Identify the last part of the fields (wnd[0]/usr/txtPersonas_2)

Construct a URL parameter like this

&<SID - last part>=<VALUE>

so for example &txtPersonas_2=inputvlaue

Please consider

Since SAP Screen Personas inserted fields are flavor specific it is recommended to include the additional URL parameter

&sap-personas-flavor=<FLAVOR ID>

in the URL. 

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