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SAP Screen Personas


Flavor naming rules

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Regina Sheynblat , Dominik Ofenloch

Additional Author: Guntars Smithins

Updated in Admin Guide for SP08


This article describes how flavor naming rules work and how to set them.


In SAP Screen Personas 3.0 it is possible to set up flavor naming patterns so that user can create flavor only with name which corresponds to specified pattern. These rules will be applied whenever a flavor is created or edited in the flavor editor. If flavor name doesn’t correspond to defined naming rule it will not be allowed to save.


By restricting user to enter any text as flavor name it is possible to make Personas flavor list more consistent and easier to manage. Also flavor names can bet customized based on framework or transaction.

Creation of flavor naming patterns

In order to apply flavor naming patterns they must be defined. Flavor naming rules can be created/edited using transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN Goto->”Flavor naming patterns”.

It is possible to set flavor naming rules on two levels:

  • Framework and
  • Transaction code.

If it is set for Framework and transaction code then flavor name validation is performed exactly for defined transaction code and framework. If only framework is set up then validation is performed for all flavors of given framework. The naming pattern is choosed in following way:

  • First it is checked if any pattern is defined for current framework and transaction code. If found this pattern gets applied;
  • Otherwise the system checks for a pattern for the current framework.

In case no pattern exists no validation will be performed.

In case a flavor name doesn't correspond to a defined naming pattern, the save operation will fail with the error message defined in the “Message” column of the customizing table. The pattern is defined as regular expression. The naming pattern check is also applied when flavor is edited in flavor admin tool. In the admin tool the check will only show a warning but it is allowed to save the flavor. The check is not performed on flavor import.


Naming patterns are defined as regular expressions. The following table shows some examples how to set up regular expression.

Regular expression

Valid example






Alphanumeric chars, underscore ‘_’ but no spaces






Only digits.






Alphanumeric chars, underscore ‘_’ but no spaces minimum 2 character but maximum 6 character length.






Alphanumeric chars, underscore ‘_’, ‘-‘ but no spaces minimum 2 character but maximum 6 character length. Can not start with ‘-‘.





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Client settings can be viewed/edited using transaction sm30 and opening maintenance view for table /personas/sttngs.

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