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SAP Screen Personas

Flavor Version Management in Personas 3.0

  SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Dominik Ofenloch

Updated in Admin Guide in SP08


This article describes SAP Screen Personas 3.0 flavor versions update possibility and is intended for SAP Screen Personas 3.0 administrators.


With every new Service Pack of SAP Screen Persoans 3.0 the development team improved existing features and developed new features. In some cases this leads to incompatible flavor changes which must be converted to work also in newer Personas releases. Furthermore it can happen that flavors created in a higher service pack gets exported and imported into a system with a lower service pack. Also this situation could lead to errors when applying a flavor as lower serive pack based systems are not able to apply flavors created in a newer personas system.

That's why the Personas 3.0 ABAP Development team introduced a flavor versioning with Service Pack 3. It covers the following scenarios:

  • Flavor upgrade
    In case a flavor got created in a lower Service pack (for example SP02) and now it gets displayed in a higher service pack (for example SP03) the flavor can be converted to the newer version.
  • Flavor downport to older Service Packs
    In case a flavor got created in a newer service pack and you want to apply it in a system based on an older version you'll receive a warning message that the flavor got downported to an older system. It is still possible to apply the flavor but maybe it will not work as expected.

So how can you update your flavors to a newer version? There are two scenarios:

  • Personas Runtime
    In case you display a flavor created in a older version/system for the first time the flavor gets updated on the fly. This may take up to a few seconds. As result the user displaying the corresponding flavor for the first time will see a success message.
  • Flavor Admin UI 
    We recommend you to update all of your flavors manually using the flavor admin tool. For this please continue reading in the next section

Updating flavors using the Flavor Admin Tool

To update your flavors please continue as follows:

1) Start the flavor admin UI using transaction /PERSONAS/FLAVORS. Select all flavors where the version is older as the current version. All flavors which are already up to date will have flavor version "303".

2) Now you will see a list of all flavors created in the older version. Select them and click on toolbar button "Update flavor" to start the conversion process.

3) Finally all your flavors should be up to date and ready for use in SP03. You will receive a list of success messages.

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