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SAP Screen Personas - Getting started guides

An introduction to Flavor Migration

SAP Screen Personas- by Sushant Priyadarshi , Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat

Please note that the Personas 2.0 to 3.0 migration tool is out of maintenance. In case of any problem, the SAP Screen Personas team is unable to provide assistance or corrections for it. We recommend using the much more advanced Personas 3.0 capabilities to recreate flavors, instead of relying on the obsolete migration process.

Recommendation before Migration

  1. Please get some hands-on experience with Personas 3.0 and know how things work. It will be important for you to know in post migration step and to identify issues.
  2. You should plan your migration. DO NOT migrate all your Personas 2.0 flavors at one shot. Start migrating your flavors one transaction at a time.
  3. Also, shortlist what flavors you want to migrate. You should focus on flavors which are already in production, or you plan to take it to personas 3.0. There can be hundreds of "test" flavors in your system. It's not advisable to spend your time migrating those.
  4. Please note that there WILL be some manual post migration work; for example, adjusting the height and width of a control OR changing webRFCs (since Personas 3.0 has better way of calling RFCs), etc.


This document will list the steps in order to migrate flavors from SAP Screen Personas 2.0 to SAP Screen Personas 3.0.

  1. Prerequisite
  2. Migration
          • Steps from Personas 3.0 Admin Transaction
          • Steps from Personas 3.0 client
  3. Post Migration Steps
  4. Create Migration Mapping

Personas 2.0 System

IF Personas 2.0 and 3.0 are not installed in the same system, please install Personas 2.0 FIRST. Then you can export Personas 2.0 flavor from any other system and import it to the NEW system


  1. You have SAP Screen Personas 2.0 and Personas 3.0 in the SAME SYSTEM.
  2. You have a flavor in Personas 2.0 without known issues
  3. In Personas 2.0, you HAD created the flavor with correct Screen/Control Overwrite entries (if applicable for the transaction).
  4. In Personas 3.0, you have the correct Screen/Control Overwrite entries (if applicable for the transaction).
  5. If applicable, you have completed migration mappings according to steps mentioned in “Create Migration mappings” section below.

Recommended changes for existing Personas 2.0 flavor

  1. If you have controls on top of an image, make sure that you have used "Send-to-forward" and "Send-To-Backward" in Personas 2.0, so that the z-index (which determines which control stays on top) is generated correctly.
  2. If you are using webRFC in your Personas 2.0 flavor, note that the migrated flavor will use the javascript xmlhttprequest object to send webRFC requests. This will work on webgui but not on other GUIs like SAP GUI for Windows.
  3. It is recommended that your Personas 2.0 flavor has been designed in FULLSCREEN mode. Based on Personas 2.0 customer feedback, Personas 3.0 only renders in fullscreen mode. So, for migrated flavor to look visually alike, designing the Personas 2.0 flavors in full screen (or frameless mode) is highly recommended.


(Steps from Admin Transaction):

  1. Goto /personas/admin
  2. From Menu, select Migration->Migrate 2.0 flavors
  3. Filter your flavor:
          • Flavor Selection : For example, you can list your flavor based on transaction & owner combination
          • Status Selection:
          • The following are the STATUS of the flavors migrated
          • Successful : If the migration is 100% done.
          • Failed : if migration fails
          • In Process: Migration in process
          • Warning: Migration done with warnings
          • Ignore: flavors marked as Ignored for migration
          • Not Started : Migration not started
  4. Execute
  5. You will see the list view  of all the flavors (based on your filter criteria).
  6. From this screen, you can do the following actions for the selected flavors:
    Select the flavor and click on "Migrate Selection".
    Migrate Selection : The selected flavors will be migrated from Personas 2.0 to Personas 3.0 with the status “In Process” (This step can be done any number of time.)
    Ignore selected flavors: The selected flavors will be marked as Ignored
    Mark as Migrated: The selected flavors whose current status is “In Process” will be marked as “Successful” (Caution: Do not flag the flavor as migrated at this point)

7. Now, assign the flavor to your user by double clicking on the flavor from the list.

(Steps from personas 3.0 Client):

  1. Open Personas 3.0
  2. Goto your transaction
  3. Select the “new” flavor
  4. Click on all the tabs (You will notice some delays, as at this point migration is taking place)

(Caution: Do not edit your flavor now)

Post Migration

  1. Compare Visually between personas 2.0 flavor vs Personas 30 flavor
  2. In Personas 3.0, check the scripts generated from personas 2.0 scripts for a particular script button.
  3. If step 1 and 2 looks good, now try to use your flavor in personas 3.0
  4. Once you are sure that the migrated flavor in personas 3.0 works fine, goto /personas/admin and mark the flavor(s) as migrated (Step 6c above)
  5. Based on customer feedback, in SAP Screen Personas 3.0, full-screen mode is the default mode, as result, your flavors might look a little different to the fixed size mode in SAP Screen Personas 2.0. If you want to have a fixed size for your screen, please use the new theme editor and define a fixed size for the screen.
    Getting Started - Personas 3.0 Themes

Create migration Mappings

This step should be performed ONLY once for any transaction. You don’t need to perform this step every time you migrate a flavor for SAME transaction

Before running this step, make sure you have done the following:

a. if applicable, you have correct entries of screen and control overwrite for the transaction.

b. Your flavor references controls of other transaction

     (For example, you are trying to migrate a Personas 2.0 flavor of SMEN transaction. But you have a Script which goes into transaction VA01 and comes back to SMEN, then perform the following steps for SMEN as well as VA01)


  1. In your system, go to transaction SU01
  2. Enter you USER and click on EDIT (Ask your admin to do this step if you don’t have authorization)
  3. Goto tab Parameters
  4. Add a parameter (if not there) “/PERSONAS/RUN_MODE” with the value “M”
  5. Save
  6. Launch Personas 3.0 and go to your transaction (make sure you have closed all your existing browser sessions before launching personas)
  7. You will be in "You are in Migration Mode" flavor.

    NOW, click on all the tabs present in your transaction followed by selecting "Original Screen"

    E.g., If you have 2 tabs in your transaction, below are the steps to be done:

    a. Click on TAB 1

    b. Select "Original Screen" from flavor bar

    c. Click on TAB 2

    d. Select "Original Screen" from flavor bar

                There will be some delays in Screen Rendering as personas 3.0 is trying to generate mappings table.

  8. Once you have clicked on all the Screen/tabs, your mapping generation is completed for that transaction. Close Personas 3.0 (log out or close your browser)
  9.  From SAP GUI, again go back to SU01 and remove the value of “M” from parameters

       (Repeat the steps 7-8 for other transactions if needed before changing your parameter in SU01)

Please check back for more content in the future.

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