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SAP Screen Personas

Handling Background visually when F4 window is active

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Sushant Priyadarshi , Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat


This document discusses about the use of scripting to make the background screen visually "better" when tab merged controls vanish or unwanted content is shown upon activating the F4 window.


From kernel version 7.42 PL 401 onwards, when you have an active F4 window, users can still see the flavor in the background.

However, the problem comes when you have controls from different tabs in the background. Well, those will vanish!

Another possible situation is that when the F4 help is used on a control that was relocated from another tab, the originating tab is going to show up temporarily while the F4 window is active.

Most customers are totally fine with this, but for some, it is not visually pleasing. Some suggested that to overcome this, as soon as the F4 window becomes active, hide the entire background itself.

Of course, you can get creative and use this method to make your flavors more attractive. You can also insert custom controls on TOP of your image if the users wish to see some data in the background when F4 is active.

Steps to do to "hide" or "overlay" the background when F4 window is active

  1. Once you have completed your flavor, put an image on top of your flavor and hide it.
    Image can be of your choice. Just make sure that it fits into your color scheme.
  2. Then add the following script as "onBeforeRefresh". Idea is to make the image visible as soon as F4 is triggered

    if(session.constants.EVENT_VKEY === triggerType && vkey == '4'){
  3. Now add the following script as "onAfterRefresh". This script will just make sure that if the image is visible, hide it.


Showing an empty "original" tab

The case of the originating tab showing up can be disturbing when that tab has been otherwise hidden in the flavor. To avoid this, the above solution can be used. An alternative way to solve the problem would be to not only hide the tab itself in the flavor but all included controls as well. This is somewhat simpler than the previously described solution and requires no scripting, however the disadvantage is that you will see the empty tab. If you don't mind this, the result can be something like on the following screen shot:

Here, the 'Country of Origin" field was moved from the "Foreign trade import" tab to the "Purchasing" tab, but upon using the search help for the moved field, the (now empty) original tab is displayed. All included controls are hidden by the flavor, even the tab title is removed. This is still better than showing the complete hidden tab with all content. 

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