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What is Harmony?

Harmony is an SAP internal only beta project for social computing inside the enterprise. This project will accomplish two main goals; 1) to give SAP Labs US employees an environment to find, connect, collaborate and learn from each other and, 2) to serve as a test bed validate social computing and Enterprise 2.0 features, functions, and services. For the Harry Potter fans here the idea is to invoke a special service to show who and what is happening at SAP. Harmony is the "Marauder's Map" of SAP.

Purpose of Harmony

Harmony is a social computing beta application targeted for internal use by SAP employees. Harmony will be used to test the value and impact of social computing applications across the enterprise. The project is a joint effort between the SAP Labs Management, Design Services Team, Emerging Solutions Imagineering, SAP IT, and product teams interested in evaluating SAP application scenarios in context of social computing.

Harmony enables individual employees to develop communities of interest by sharing personal (background/skills/interests) and professional (task/project/program) information. This enables employees to become better informed about each other, their work, and to build stronger connections with one another around the globe. While it includes similar features for building "My Profile," Harmony is not intended to be an alternative to public social computing services such as mySpace and LinkedIn, but rather a hub for knowledge acceleration across the enterprise.

Harmony Blog Coverage

Project Participants

  • SAP Labs Management
  • Design Services Team
  • SAP Imagineering
  • SAP IT
  • Product Teams

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