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SAP Screen Personas 3.0

How to Install Personas through Maintenance Optimizer


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Purpose and Scope

How to install SAP Screen Personas through the Maintenace Optimizer Transaction, so the Solution Manager can recognize the Personas Add-on.  For regular installation instructions please click here.

Checking Pre-Requisites

Check all the requisites to install Screen Personas on below link.  Make sure your Kernel is compatible and you have implemented all SAP Notes related to your Support Package level.   See SAP Screen Personas Configuration Guide:

Registering system in SLD

On the target system, access transaction RZ70 and input the Gateway Host and Gateway Service of the Solution Manager system. Click on the Execute button to trigger the Data Collection.



A pop-up will appear requesting a confirmation.


When the data collection is finished, the program output displays in the screen.


Check if the system information was send do SLD.


A few minutes later, the job SAP_LMDB_LDB finishes and send the data on SLD to LMDB. This job runs periodically, so there is no need to execute it manually.


 Now access the Solution Manager system and go to transaction LMDB.


Go to the Product Systems tab, enter the SID and click on Create.


Click on the Assigned Technical Systems tree and click on Add.


Assign the Product Version

 The Target System is now on the list.

Click on the Verification Status and Execute the Verification Check. 


If everything went fine, the check will be green.



Running the Maintenance Optimizer

Click on the system SID in the Navigation Tree and go to the Maintenance Transactions tab. Click on Create Transaction.

Select the option Calculate Files Automatically and click on Continue.

Select the Add-on products option click on Continue.

A screen with all available add-on products will appear, select the Screen Personas for NW add-on.

Between steps 2.4 and 2.6, it is necessary to select the elements according to the System Information, the OS/DB files and the Stack Independent files.


Select the SAP Kernel related to the OS and Database, also select the SAP Host Agent, SAP IGS and Sum 1.0.

Select the Stack-Dependent files (keep all files selected).

Confirm the download tool and click on Continue.

All the files will be now available on your Download Basket in the SAP Download Manager