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SAP Screen Personas

How to change the tab-key sequence after re-ordering fields

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tobias Queck , Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat


One of the most commonly used features in SAP Screen Personas is to hide and re-order fields so that the screen fits your needs. When re-ordering fields on the screen the tab-key order is not changed automatically. As result, users that prefer using the tab-key to change the focus might be confronted with an unexpected behavior.


The idea of this article is to show with a simple example how to change the tab-key sequence in a flavor using the property tabToElement. Please note, SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP02 or newer is required to executed the steps below.


The demo shows the creation of a very simple flavor in transaction GUIT in which the editor changes the position of two fields. For better understanding, the fields are first highlighted with two different colors. Once the editor is exited, the unexpected behavior is shown when pressing the tab-key. To correct this, the editor is opened again and by using the Advanced Properties Editor, the tab-key sequence is corrected. Last but not least, after leaving the editor, the user leaves the screen and re-enters it to activate the new tab-key sequence.


To change the tab-key sequence in SAP Screen Personas, you can define for each field to what the focus should move if the user presses the tab key. The information is defined in the property tabToElement which can only be changed using the Advanced Properties Editor at this point in time. If the property is empty, then the next control defined in the underlying DYNPRO screen will be focused.

  1. Open the editor with the flavor that you want to modify
  2. Select the control to which you want to 'jump' with the focus when the tab key is pressed
  3. Open the advance properties editor (see Figure 1)
  4. Copy the value of the id property
  5. Press 'Cancel'
  6. Select the control from which you to jump with the focus when the tab key is pressed
  7. Open the advance properties editor (see Figure 1)
  8. Paste the previously copied id into the tabToElement field
  9. Press 'Done'
  10. Save your flavor and exit the editor
  11. Switch to original screen and back to your flavor to activate the new tab sequence the first time

To test the result after leaving the editor, you need to leave the screen and re-enter it. Then focus on the field that you modified and press the tab key. As result, the focus should have changed to fields that your defined as tabToElement.

Figure 1: Advanced Properties Edtior

Additional Note

You might say that the current implementation of how to change the tab-key sequence is 'not exactly intuitive'. The Personas team also agrees and we are working on a better interface to change the tab-key sequence more intuitively, however, no matter what kind of UX we might provide in the future, it is planned to be based on the same property and concept as described in this document, therefore, flavors created as described here will be valid for a possible future UX. As usual, this is not a promise of a future feature and plans might change without notice.

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