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What do you do?

Imagineering works directly with SAP customers to solve challenging problems that fall either outside traditional SAP solutions or in between product boundaries.


How do you find customers with problems to work on?

We are always looking for new and exciting challenges. We have close relationships with the SAP field organization, so they will often bring their customers to us with a specific problem. In addition, we attend major SAP events and interact with customers there, which sometimes results in co-innovation activities.


How do you deliver in a short time frame?

We follow an agile development methodology, working closely with customers to iterate quickly.


How large is the Imagineering team?

The core team is approximately 10 people, with an additional 30 developers that work with us to build prototypes, proofs of concept, or more robust solutions.


What is the biggest value of working with Imagineering?

By collaborating with SAP Imagineering on a co-innovation project, you have the opportunity to influence SAP product direction in a way that benefits your organization.





How is Imagineering different from other customer-facing innovation teams within SAP?

SAP as an organization is focused on helping our customers run better. This means we must work closely with customers to help them meet their business objectives. There are several teams within SAP that do this, each approaching customer challenges in a different way.


How is Imagineering different from SAP Custom Development?

Both Imagineering and SAP Custom Development work with customers to create a solution to a unique need.

With SAP Custom Development, the outcome is a customized and fully supported solution from SAP. Customers pay for the creation of the solution and ongoing maintenance.

The outcome of a co-innovation project with Imagineering is not a solution that customers can put into production. It may eventually turn into a solution that customers can purchase, but it must first go through the SAP commercialization process.


How is Imagineering different from SAP Research?

SAP Imagineering is a part of SAP Research . We focus on near-term issues, aiming to bring our innovations to market within 12 months. Other areas of research have longer time horizons.


How is Imagineering different from Value Prototyping?

Both Imagineering and Value Prototyping work with customers to create a proof of concept (POC).

Value Prototyping generally does this as part of a sales cycle in which the POC becomes part of a multi-product solution.

Imagineering works with customers at any time to build something that addresses a gap between their current and desired SAP capabilities. The outcome of the co-innovation project with Imagineering may show that something is possible. With this foundation, we work together to determine how the customer can put this capability into production.


How is Imagineering different from COIL (SAP CO-Innovation Lab)?

Both SAP Imagineering and COIL work to find ways to improve the value of customers’ investments in SAP solutions.

COIL focuses on co-innovation with SAP partners. COIL manages several global co-innovation facilities where ecosystem partners can work together to develop best-in-class technologies and platforms. Sometimes customers also participate in COIL projects. The outcome is typically a new process, architecture, or best practice recommendation that allows customers to run their SAP environments better.

Imagineering co-innovation projects may result in a new way of using SAP solutions, but the customer must wait until we commercialize it before they can run it in their production environment.



Imagineering Projects


How many projects do you work on at a time?

Typically, we have between three and seven projects at various stages of development.


How do I work with the SAP Imagineering Team?

Given our small team size, we must be very selective about the projects we accept. Projects typically follow four basic guidelines, which are listed on our How to work with SAP Imagineering page on SCN.

Talk to your account executive about your needs and he or she will determine the best SAP resources that can assist you. If it turns out to be Imagineering, we look forward to working with you.


Does the collaboration project turn into a product?

Sometimes. The outcome of any engagement is uncertain. If we are able to build something that solves the customer’s problem, everyone is happy. If this solution will address broader market needs, we may choose to commercialize it. Several examples of Imagineering projects that have turned into products are listed on the Imagineering home page on SCN.


Who owns the end result of the collaboration project?

It depends. This is something we discuss at the start of any co-innovation project.


What are some examples of projects Imagineering has worked on?

There is a partial list on the Imagineering home page on SCN.



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