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Examples of Enterprise Micro Application 

Example of a stand alone Google Gadget

Example of the Gadget imbedded in the Google Sites

Enterprise Micro Application on Mobile

  • To see an example of Enterprise Micro Applications on mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, IPad and how they can be developed on the different mobile platforms, click here

What are Micro Applications?

Micro Applications are small applications designed to extend a defined set of enterprise application functionality and transactions that is specific to a users role and requirements. Developers of Enterprise Micro Applications leverage SAP NetWeaver enterprise and web services to securely deliver enterprise system functionality on desktops, within browsers,  mobile devices, and within cloud environments using gadgets, widgets, mobile applications, and other. In order to consume Micro Applications, business users simply pick and select Micro Applications from a Micro Application gallery space and add them on any container supported by the IT department. For example, a portal in the browser, a widget engine on the desktop, or a application container on the mobile device. Micro Application gallery spaces are managed by the IT administrator; therefore the permission and usage of Micro Applications is completely under the control of IT department. Micro Applications can be built using any language of choice by any developer, consuming either newly developed backend data services or already existing services, for example, enterprise services registered in SAP Enterprise Service Repository (SAP ESR).

Simple Sample Applications on ES


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