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SAP Screen Personas


Personas Authorization checks and transaction SU53

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Oisin ONidh , Tamas Hoznek , Former Member


In the past we received many questions like "Everytime a user starts a transaction, a Personas authorization check fails. How can I get rid of this check?". This article describes how you can minimize the number of authorization checks.


SAP Screen Personas 3.0 offers a very detailed authorization concept. For each user you can set up authorizations for a specific client technology/framework and for a specific transaction code. Furthermore, for each transaction/user combination you can set up different user authorization levels, for example "Display flavor only", "Set up default flavor" and "Share flavor with other users".

To offer you this detailed authorization concept, SAP Screen Personas needs to execute authorization checks on each transaction startup. In case a user has insufficient authorizations, this will lead to failing authorization checks which leads to confusion on user side. So how can you avoid or minimize the number of authorization checks? The following sections will show you some strategies for this.

Update your SAP Screen Personas installation

The most important step is to update your SAP Screen Personas installation. For SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Service Pack 3 we released corrections which help in minimizing the number of executed authorization checks. Please ensure that you have implemented the following Personas Notes:

For Service Pack 1/2 we created

To minimize the number of authorization checks, we recommend you to update your Personas Installation to Service Pack 3 or above.

Important: These notes only reduce the number of executed authorization checks. Even after upgrading your system it is still possible to see failing authorization checks.

Disable SAP Screen Personas for a specific GUI technology

In many customer scenarios SAP screen Personas gets enabled for one specific client technology only. If you want to use SAP Screen Personas only in Web GUI, you can disable it on all other clients (Windows GUI, Java GUI). In this case the authorization checks will no longer be executed.

You can find more information in our Knowledge Base Article Deactivating SAP Screen Personas.

Set up user parameters to disable Personas

To disable Personas completely for a specific user, you can also use the user parameter "/PERSONAS/RUN_MODE". For this you have to set this user parameter to value "O" (=off). You can set up user parameters in transaction SU01.

Windows GUI: Update your Windows GUI

When using Personas in Windwos GUI, we strongly recommend you to update your local Windows GUI to at least SAP GUI 7.40 Patchlevel 11. This solves various issues including authorization problems, performance issues and other bugs.




Important News

This knowledge base is not solely SAP provided content - but community driven. Please also check on SMP and for SAP released information and notes on SAP Screen Personas.

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Client settings can be viewed/edited using transaction sm30 and opening maintenance view for table /personas/sttngs.