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SAP Screen Personas


User Parameter: /personas/run_mode

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tobias Queck , Regina Sheynblat , Kranthi Kumar Muppala

Updated 4/16/2018 in the Configuration Guide


The purpose of this document is to explain how to use a user parameter to change the mode of SAP Screen Personas 3.0 for a specific user.


SAP Screen Personas comes with a user parameter /personas/run_mode. Using this parameter, Personas can be configured to run in a different mode for a specific user. This is important e.g. for migration or running Personas 2.0 HTML even when 3.0 is installed.

Possible Values and Modes

Each mode is referred to by a single character. If a not supported character is used then it is handled the same as space i.e. SAP Screen Personas 3.0 runs in standard mode. 

M - Migration

In migration mode, no flavors are applied and the user is also not able to use any other functionality of Personas. In this mode, after each screen change, the Personas client

sends a command to the backend requesting to store migration mappings between Personas 2.0 and Personas 3.0 flavors. More information about the necessity of this mode

can be found at Getting Started - Personas 2.0 to 3.0 Flavor Migration.

2 - Personas 2.0 HTML

If you installed the SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Add-on, be default no user will see SAP Screen Personas 2.0 HTML anymore. If it is required to have a user still using 2.0,

then this mode should be activated. As result, Personas 3.0 will forward all incoming requests to Personas 2.0 without modification or further actions. Please note, that this

mode requires the SAP Screen Personas 2.0 Add-on to be installed.

O - Personas Off

To allow users to either use or not use Personas, we recommend to use the Personas authorization objects, nevertheless, if a user is authorized to use Personas but it is required to turn

Personas off, the value O is to be used. As a result, the Personas backend will completely ignore all incoming Personas requests, and also no Personas client will be rendered in


T - Testing

The Personas add-on contains a set of test screens (transaction /personas/test) as well as some mock-up data that can be activated using the Testing mode.

In general, this mode is not required but the support team might use it to debug client-side issue.

X - eXperimental

The eXperimental mode is only used if SAP Screen Personas features are not generally released to customers but as a pilot to a small group of interested customers.

If you use this mode and no experimental features are included in your installation then it will have no effect.

Setting the user parameter

Administrators can set this value for any user using the transaction SU01 or a user can set it for itself using the transaction SU3. In both cases, the screen looks like the image below.

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