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SAP Screen Personas

Productivity Power Play

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This page has been consolidated with the SAP Screen Personas Knowledge Base at the all-new SAP Screen Personas Product Support page. It puts Productivity Power Play and Knowledge Base articles in one place, categorized by topic to make it easier to find what you are looking for. As such, this page will no longer be maintained. Please update your bookmarks.

Episode 61 - SP08 Release

Conrad Bernal demonstrates the all-new Viewport Editor in SAP Screen Personas SP08.

Episode 61 - SP08 Release

Conrad Bernal discusses the new features in SAP Screen Personas SP08 with product owners Ashley Tung and Vandana Deep.

Episode 60 - Reusing Flavors Across Applications

Tamas Hoznek discusses how to copy flavor changes from one transaction to another. He covers best practices, as well as alternatives for when copying flavors isn't the best option.

Episode 59 - Guiding Users with Viewports

Conrad Bernal demonstrates how to walk users through a business process using viewports, a new feature in  SAP Screen Personas SP07.

Episode 58 - Using Quick Styles

Brooke Drury demonstrates how to use Quick Styles to quickly and consistently brand your screens in SAP Screen Personas.

Episode 57 - Building Adaptive Flavors

Brooke Drury demonstrates how to build an adaptive flavor to make your flavors accessible to users on a mobile device.

Episode 56 - SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Summary

Peter Spielvogel summarizes SAP Screen Personas sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW. He also highlights two customer success stories.

Episode 55 - SP07 Release

Sebastian Steinhauer, Vandana Deep, and Ashley Tung discuss the release of SP07. They highlight updates to the Slipstream Engine and demonstrate two new features: Viewports and mobile device preview.

Episode 54 - Rendering screens in Slipstream Engine

Ashley Tung walks you through some of the visual differences between rendering screens in SAP GUI for HTML and the Slipstream Engine, explaining why those differences exist and giving you some tips for migrating.

Episode 53 - Best practices for building mobile flavors

User experience designer Navdeep Ganesh explains a few mobile design best practices that are applicable to anyone mobilizing SAP Screen Personas flavors.

Episode 52 - Building flavors with barcode scanning functionality

Vandana Deep shows you how to use your devices' camera as a barcode scanner in SAP Screen Personas.

For more information, please see the companion
SAP Screen Personas Knowledge Base article.

Episode 51 - Mobile flavors and the SAP Fiori launchpad

Tobias Queck demonstrates 3 methods for integrating your mobile SAP Screen Personas flavors into an SAP Fiori launchpad.

Episode 50 - Choosing the right UX technology. Start with your business strategy

Patrick Andersen of itelligence Nordic outlines how you can align your user experience transformation approach with your business strategy and provides guidance on when to use SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori.

Episode 49 - Slipstream Engine

Peter Spielvogel discusses the new SAP Screen Personas Slipstream Engine, including what it is, why we built it, and how it helps you.

Episode 48 - SP06 Release

Sebastian Steinhauer highlights some new innovations and the latest support policy for the SP06 service pack for SAP Screen Personas.

Episode 47 - Using Analytics to Drive SAP Screen Personas Flavor Development

Vandana Deep discusses how the data from the SAP Screen Personas analytics feature can be used to find a starting point for a flavor building project, as well as how it can be used to improve on existing flavors.

Episode 46 - Running Flavors in SAP GUI for Java

Matthias Weidemann demonstrates how SAP Screen Personas runs in SAP GUI for Java, showcasing various features and briefly discussing some limitations.

Want to get started? Note 2505697 - SAP GUI for Java: Support for SAP Screen Personas 3.0

Episode 45 - Running Flavors in SAP GUI for Windows

Melanie Reinwarth discusses using SAP Screen Personas in SAP GUI for Windows: what to expect, limitations, and how it differs from SAP GUI for HTML.

Episode 44 - The fastest way to create the Fiori UX

Sam Yen, SAP Chief Design Officer, talks about the future of SAP Screen Personas and how it fits into the overall Fiori UX strategy.

Link to SAP Screen Personas Flavor Gallery.

Episode 43 - Creating Onscreen Help

Tamas Hoznek  shows you various options for guiding users through your flavors.

The flavor used to showcase the onscreen guidance features can be downloaded here.

Episode 42 - Creating Templates

Streamlining the flavor building process: Klaus Keller demonstrates how to use templates to maintain a consistent look and feel across screens and transactions.

Episode 41 - Avoid tab-merging through custom controls

Clemens Gantert demonstrates how to simplify screens for change-transactions by creating custom input fields, aka "shadow controls", to represent the standard controls.

Episode 40 - New Support Tool: Guided Answers

SAP Product Support now has a tool to help you cut down on your wait time to get answers, or diagnose an issue. Guided Answers allow you to solve some issues yourself and kick start the support process by avoiding unnecessary round trips.

Episode 39 - How to document flavors

Sebastian Steinhauer presents a couple of suggestions on how to document a flavor. The demo includes documentation of the status quo, using a flow chart, and paper mock-ups. Download sample here.

Episode 38 - Handling of status bar messages and popups in scripting

Clemens Gantert demonstrates how to handle popups and error messages through scripting.

Episode 37 - Using SAP Screen Personas in the Fiori Launchpad

Michael Pytel, NIMBL, demos how to add a SAP Screen Personas flavor to the Fiori launchpad, emphasizing that this is a configuration rather than coding project.

Click here to watch the step-by-step tutorial video.

Episode 36 - New in SP05: Adaptive Flavors and more

Sebastian Steinhauer highlights some great new features and a new support policy for the SP05 service pack for SAP Screen Personas.

Episode 35 - What’s new for SAP Screen Personas and Belize?

Peter Spielvogel talks about the Belize theme, its impact on SAP S/4HANA screens, and why SAP Screen Personas is critical, if you want the full Fiori experience with your classic screens.

Episode 34 - Prevent vanishing flavor changes with Screen Overwrites

Sushant Priyadarshi discusses what to do if your flavor changes disappear when you click on certain tabs. He shows how to diagnose this issue and fix it using our screen overwrite rules.

Episode 33 - SAP Screen Personas and S/4HANA with Shaun Syvertsen, Convergent IS

Shaun Syvertsen of Convergent IS discusses SAP S/4HANA, Fiori, and Screen Personas. He talks about Fiori coverage in SAP S/4HANA and how SAP Screen Personas can fill the gaps.

Episode 32 - Your question answered: Understanding Tab Merging and Screen Processing Times

Sebastian Steinhauer answers a customer question about estimating performance for tab merging scenarios leveraging SAP statistics collection in transaction STAD. Performance is also compared between SAP GUI for HTML and SAP GUI for Windows.

Episode 31 - Calling RFCs from SAP Screen Personas just got easier

Clemens Gantert demonstrates how easy it is with the RFC Explorer to write scripts that call RFCs.

Episode 30 - Scripting with SAP Screen Personas for WebDynpro ABAP

Dirk Becker, the Area Product Owner for WebDynpro ABAP, gives a quick introduction into cross session scripting, a powerful and brand new feature in SAP Screen Personas for WebDynpro ABAP.

Episode 29 - Introducing SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP04

Sebastian Steinhauer discusses the new SAP Screen Personas 3.0 service pack SP04. He highlights four new features, all designed to enhance business analyst (or developer) productivity.

Episode 28 - Creating adaptive Flavors

Tamas Hoznek demonstrates how to create adaptive (responsive) designs in SAP Screen Personas by using various scripting APIs and Screen Events. This allows your screens to render with different content, depending on the screen size.

Episode 27 - Flavor Gallery

Vandana Deep shows you how to use the SAP Screen Personas - Flavor Gallery as a resource to provide guidance to simplify transactions. She covers how to download Flavor / Template from the Flavor Gallery and import them into your environment.

Episode 26 - Your script optimized

Tobias Queck shows how to optimize scripts by examining the processing flow and reducing the number or trips to the back end.

Episode 25 - Your question answered: Rendering fields across tabs without Tab Merging

Sebastian Steinhauer shows how scripting and tab merging perform differently in some scenarios to deliver similar information to the screen. This builds on the analysis of the same flavor discussed in episode 24.

Episode 24 - Your question answered: Optimized use of scripts and events

Sebastian Steinhauer examines the relationship between screen events and the scripts they trigger. He explains how to optimize performance on flavors that use onLoad, onBeforeRefresh, and onAfterRefresh events.

Episode 23 - Validating installation to ensure project success

Tamas Hoznek shows how to check your SAP Screen Personas installation to ensure that everything is set up properly and that you have all the relevant notes for optimal performance.

Episode 22 - Deploying Flavors - Assigning to Roles and Users

Dominik Ofenloch goes through the flavor management process, including a detailed tour of the Flavor Maintenance screen. He shows how to use the admin transaction to add flavors to the Flavor Gallery and Flavor Manager, and set Flavors as defaults.

Episode 21 - Achieve better product design through usability testing

Sylvia Barnard discusses the importance of usability testing, how we use this customer feedback to improve SAP Screen Personas, and how you can do your own usability testing.

Episode 20 - Rapidly create Fiori-Inspired List Reports using Templates

Klaus Keller shows you how to use templates in SAP Screen Personas. He covers where to download a template, how to add it to your flavor, and adjust the content to meet your needs.

Episode 19 - Customer Successes with SAP Screen Personas at SAPPHIRE 2016

Sebastian Steinhauer, Tobias Queck  and  Peter Spielvogel recap SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 and the ASUG Annual Conference. They highlight a few sessions where customers describe their successes with SAP Screen Personas. 

Episode 18 - SP03 Release and New Features

Sebastian Steinhauer discusses the new SAP Screen Personas 3.0 service pack SP03. He demos two new features, templates and flavor groups, and discusses enhancements to the scripting engine.

Episode 17 - Tips for Success: Project Preparation and Design

Tamas Hoznek and Peter Spielvogel examine how proper preparation and design, before starting the implementation phase of your SAP Screen Personas project, determine whether it will be a success or failure.

Episode 16 - Tips for Success: Know the Product Capabilities and Limitations

Tobias Queck and Peter Spielvogel discuss the importance of understanding the capabilities as well as the limitations of SAP Screen Personas before defining or changing the scope of a project.

Episode 15 - Tips for Success: Simplify the Process First

Peter Spielvogel and Tamas Hoznek talk about the importance of simplifying your business process first, before you start simplifying any screens with SAP Screen Personas or other UX solution.

Episode 14 - Nestlé on-site with the SAP Screen Personas Team: Looking ahead

Francis Rodrigues, Global SAP Screen Personas Champion at Nestlé, discusses his impressions of SAP Screen Personas 3.0 and plans for migrating.

Episode 13 - Nestlé on-site with the SAP Screen Personas Team: SAP Screen Personas at Nestlé

Francis Rodrigues, Global SAP Screen Personas Champion at Nestlé, shares his tips for setting up a SAP Screen Personas Project for success with Sebastian Steinhauer.

Episode 12 - Nestlé on-site with the SAP Screen Personas Team: Innovating with SAP Imagineering

Francis Rodrigues, Global SAP Screen Personas Champion at Nestlé, speaks with Sebastian Steinhauer  about how to collaborate with SAP and the surprise he found when working with the SAP Screen Personas team in Palo Alto.

Episode 11 - SAP Screen Personas for WebDynpro ABAP

Dirk Becker demonstrates how to implement SAP Screen Personas for Web Dynpro ABAP.

Episode 10 -  SAP Screen Personas and the Fiori UX

Peter Spielvogel explains how SAP Screen Personas is one tool that will allow you to give your users the Fiori user experience with a minimum of disruption, time, and, and development resources.

Episode 9 - Integration with SAP Fiori Launchpad

Tobias Queck shows how to embed your SAP Screen Personas into the Fiori Launchpad to deliver a consistent, seamless user experience.

Episode 8 - Creating a Fiori-Inspired Object Page

Sebastian Steinhauer builds on the previous episode to create a simplified transaction CO03 using the Fiori Object Page floorplan.

Episode 7 - Creating a Fiori-Inspired List Report

Sebastian Steinhauer discusses how to use the style guide to build a Fiori-inspired flavor based on the List Report floor plan.

Episode 6 - Introduction to Scripting

Clemens Gantert will introduce the scripting editor and how to automate keystrokes.

Episode 5 - Introduction to Theming

Ashley Tung will show how to apply an existing visual theme and create your own theme and apply to a flavor.

Episode 4 - Getting started with the flavor editor

Klaus Keller shows how to find, open and edit a flavor along with setting the default flavor for a transaction.

Episode 3 - Project Planning and Staffing for Success

Peter Spielvogel discusses the phases of a typical SAP Screen Personas project and who needs to be on the team.

Episode 2 - SAP Screen Personas Release Strategy

Tobias Queck talks about the SAP Screen Personas 3.0 release strategy. He starts with a simple architectural overview and then explains how kernel patches, note releases, and service packs help bring you the latest functionality.

Episode 1 - Introducing SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP2

Sebastian Steinhauer discusses the new features in SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP2. He covers analytics, control-specific theming, user feedback, and system administration.

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