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In the minutia of day to day work it's rather easy to forget the bigger picture – why are we doing all of this, what problems are we solving, who's the main audience, and the like.

Why are we doing this?

A combination of different factors joined together in order for us to get onto this journey.

Efficiency – pure and simple, we need to make SAP developers more efficient in creating SAP Fiori elements based applications. Some of the workflows devs have are too clunky, require too many steps, require too much pre-existing knowledge (therefore onboarding new devs is difficult), and so on. The need for efficiency increase was one of the initial sparks for this project.

Consolidation of tools – there was a census conducted on tools used in SAP dev environment, especially within teams that work on SAP Fiori projects. Two main tools came up as winners in that census, a cloud based WebIDE, and locally installed VS Code. At the same time while this census was happening, WebIDE was being evolved into its next stage, and as part of that evolution a large technical rework was done – Theia, a great IDE core, was picked to be the core of the new WebIDE/Business Application Studio. Both VSCode and Theia are using the VSCode extension concept introduced by Microsoft.

Requirement for new tools – in additional efficiency of existing tools & workflows, and the need for consolidation, there's the simple requirement for new tools to tackle challenges developers have. These requirements are drivers for some of the extensions we are creating.

Why extensions  for VS Code?

When we learned from the consolidation census that two of the most favourite tools in SAP – AppStudio and VS Code – are both using the same extension model , the decision was made that in order to solve various dev challenges we should simply create a common solution which can be deployed in both of those environments. Therefore, creating a VSCode extension is the solution. One code base that can be (hopefully) deployed in both systems is a great way to technically solve the situation. Of course, AppStudio is a cloud based SAP solution, and VS Code is Microsoft's on-promise software, so some things are a bit trickier to do than others, but in general, things work out smoothly.

Who's the main audience?

Our primary target are SAP developers, and anyone in the concentric circles around those roles. SAP partners which work with our technologies, and similar. in addition to those, our next target are various Product and Business roles who have some technical knowledge, but perhaps don't know how to code fully. Product Owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and similar. Those roles should also have the possibility to use at least some of the extensions we create.

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