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SAP Screen Personas


Reference Users in Personas

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Celeste Hoefkens , Regina Sheynblat , Former Member , Sebastian Steinhauer


Reference users are used to simplify authorization maintenance. You assign authorization roles to a reference user. Afterwards, you can assign the reference user to any other user. All users referencing to the reference user inherit the flavors assigned to the reference user directly or by role. When changing the reference users' role assignments, all referenced users are updated automatically.

Reference users are supported in Personas 3, starting with Service Pack 1.

Steps to create a reference user

To create a reference user, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Start transaction SU01. Enter the name of the reference user in the User field and choose the button Create.
  2. Enter the reference user's details on the Address tab. Change to tab Logon Data and change the user type to Reference (Logon not possible). Reference users cannot log on to a system. Therefore, it is also not required to set up any initial password for reference users.
  3. Change to tab Roles and enter the roles of the reference user.
  4. Save the reference user. The user is now ready for use.

Steps to create referencing users

After you have created a reference user you can assign it to any other user you like. This user inherits all roles of the reference user. Flavors assigned to a role and added to the reference user or flavors directly assigned to the reference user are now automatically added to the referencing user's Flavor Gallery or Flavor Manager. To define a reference user, please complete the following steps:

  1. Start transaction SU01. In the User input field, enter the User ID of the user you want to define as a referencing user. Alternatively, you can also create a new user. Continue to the next screen.
  2.  Change to tab Roles. Enter the reference user into the Reference User input field.
  3. Save the referencing user. The user now also sees all those flavors assigned to the reference user directly or by role.

Consequences for users with reference user assigned

Users having a reference user assigned behave slightly differently:

  • Role inheritance: Users having a reference user assigned inherit all roles which have been added to their reference user. In case a flavor got shared with a reference users role the flavor is also shared with all users having the reference user assigned. Personas Administrators can check the roles assigned to any user using the Personas User-Admin-Tool (Transaction /PERSONAS/USERS). It is not possible to remove role sharings using the user admin tool.
  • User inheritance: Users having a reference user assigned inherit all flavors shared with the reference user. In case a flavor got shared with a reference user it will be handled as flavors which got shared by role. As consequence the flavor sharing cannot be removed from the flavor manager or flavor gallery at runtime. Editing of direct flavor assignments to reference users is only possible using the flavor admin tool (Transaction /PERSONAS/FLAVORS).

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