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Requirements Gathering

Mockup exportable Fiori Elements applications with ease.


Requirements gathering is a rule based Fiori Elements mockup tool that doesn't require users to write a line of code.

We believe that by offering a tool that is constrained to what Fiori Elements can do will be educational for the users. They will understand what are the envelope boundaries of Fiori Elements, and by purposefully constraining them to the boundaries we guarantee consistent functionality across apps. 

This extension is suited for users who want to make their own FE applications easily by removing complex flex changes and annotation toggles usually coded exclusively by SAP developers.

Requirements Gathering's user interface allows users to quickly switch on and off the features they would like their application to have while creating and editing in their own data set.

Users can also create HTML application previews and, when paired with the app generator, export structured applications that are then ready to be connected to their business service.

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