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Active Imagineering Projects


SAP Screen Personas (2011-present)

Exploring a new approach to personalizing SAP Dynpro screens using a simple, drag-and-drop paradigm.

NFC (2012-2013)

Working on proof of concept to show how near-field communications and voice can be incorporated into business scenarios.

Resources Demand Automation

Working on an application that brings transparency and accountability to spending on third party resources.


Android Voice (2012)

Experimenting with voice recognition as an input to SAP on Android devices.

Biometrics (2012)

Working on using biometrics in conjunction with SAP.

SAP Maps (2012-2013)

Monitor space utilization, navigate office workplaces, and control lighting / energy usage.

Archive of Selected Prior Projects


SAP Board Docs (2012)

We partnered with SAP IT to create a mobile app that allows SAP’s Supervisory Board to securely access content.

Micro-Applications (2006-2012)

Project to create small widgets that showcase SAP data in different applications.

Micro-App Gallery (2006-2012)

Project to create a gallery of all the available SAP widgets.


App Meter (2011)

Internal project to visualize usage of apps and the App Gallery across the globe.

Time Entry Mobile Application (2010)

Internal project to provide mobile access to the time entry systems for SAP pre-sales resources.

Foot Traffic Analysis (2010)

Worked with a partner to pilot an application that gives retailers real-time data on store foot traffic using sensors.


Enterprise Workspaces (2008-2009)

Co-innovation project to empower SAP users with workspaces that contain a combination of SAP and non-SAP content.

Paper UI (2009-2010)

Internal pilot project to use digital pens to enter data into SAP systems where keyboard entry is not possible or practical.

E-Care (2009-2010)

Co-innovation project to connect patients, care providers and their families through electronic health care solution.


Event Insight (2006-2008)

Co-innovation project to collect, filter, manage, and publish business events in a consistent, contextual way.

Harmony (2007-2008)

Internal project to validate social computing and Enterprise 2.0 features, functions, and services.

Spotlight (2008)

Internal portal to guide sales and marketing to the best presentations and expert speakers to plan better customer meetings.


IONX Train Tracking

Co-innovation project to collect, filter, manage, and publish trains moving around the US.

Mirror Worlds

Internal project to explore 3D user interfaces and virtual worlds with real-world and ERP integration.

Precyse RTLS/ToolCrib

Internal project to validate a sensor network integration between Precyse EQ Network and ERP.

Dates represent time period of active Imagineering engagement in project.