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Checking the status of notes relevant to Personas

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Sushant Priyadarshi , Tamas Hoznek , Pradeep B , Regina Sheynblat

Updated in Admin Guide for SP08


This document will provide information on how to use the ‘Personas Notes Status’ tool in the Health Check Personas admin application.


The SAP Screen Personas team maintains a master note for each support package, where we list all the notes relevant to that particular support package.

Our recommendation to customers is to always keep their system up to date. This isn't always happening, which leads to customers opening incidents for problems that have already been fixed and the correction was released. It is still recommended that you always check our Master Note but there is an additional tool which you can use to see whether your system is up to date.

The Personas Health Check application comes with a functionality known as “Notes Status”. This will gather the list of notes from the master note and check the following kind of notes:

  1. Personas Client Sources note
  2. Personas backend notes
  3. Overwrite entries note
  4. Required ITS notes

Pre-requisites for checking Personas notes status

  1. Current user must have access to transaction SNOTE
  2. Working connection between your system and the SAP Support Portal

Checks performed

  1. Does your system have an obsolete version of important notes implemented?
  2. Are all important Personas notes (client and backend) along with required ITS notes implemented?

The notes this feature considers are the Personas client note, backend notes and the ITS notes listed as required in the master note. The recommended ITS notes are not part of the check, since they may or may not be necessary, depending on the actual environment.

How to use?

  1. Go to transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN and double-click ‘Health Check’ under ‘Tools’.
  2. Then go to the ‘Notes Status’ tab and click on the ‘Check Notes’ button in the grid toolbar.
  3. Next you will see a popup:

    If you select YES, then the Personas Note Check tool will download the latest version of all necessary notes.
    Please note that NO NOTES WILL BE IMPLEMENTED.
  4. Next you will see a list of notes along with their status in your system:

Some potential results and what you should do

  1. Completely Implemented: Awesome
  2. Can be implemented / Obsolete version implemented: Implement the latest version of the specified note using transaction SNOTE. You can go to each note from the list by double-clicking the row.
  3. Connection Error: Ask your system administrator. If you cannot download any SAP Note using transaction SNOTE, the Personas Note Check tool cannot download either. Only create a support incident when you are sure that your system can establish a connection to download a note, but the Personas Note Check tool still shows this error.
  4. Note could not be downloaded : Sometimes we take a note offline for maintenance. In this case, please wait and try again later.

Important: If you are experiencing any issue where you suspect that there is a problem with the SAP Screen Personas tool, make sure that your system shows a clean, all-green Note Status list. This is the first thing the SAP support team will expect when you open a support incident.

Notes status summary of previous execution 

The time stamp of previous Notes Status check is displayed along with the summary traffic light for Notes Health Status.

Health check snapshot

To assist with providing the health check information for a support incident, the complete health check data can be captured using the "Download snapshot" button on the application toolbar.

This will generate an HTML file with all details of the health check results currently displayed on the screen. This can be attached to support incidents to accelerate processing, since support personnel do not need to log on to the system to pinpoint eventual missing notes or incorrect configuration. Customers are requested to always include this information when creating a new support ticket.



Important News

This knowledge base is not solely SAP provided content - but community driven. Please also check on SMP and for SAP released information and notes on SAP Screen Personas.

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