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SAP Screen Personas 3.0

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Installation Guide


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Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this guide is to show you step by step instruction on how to install SAP Screen Personas. Please check all the needed pre-requisites in the official  SAP Screen Personas Configuration Guide.

If you are interested in installing SAP Screen Personas through the Maintenance Optimizer Transaction, so the Solution Manager can recognize the Personas Add-on, please click here for step by step instructions.

Downloading SAP Screen Personas from SAP Service Marketplace 

Access the following link and Click on 'Installation and Upgrades'

 Click on 'Alphabetical List of my products'

Search for SAP Screen Personas


Select the desired version of SAP Screen Personas 



Click on 'Installation'

Download the ZIP file.

Downloading the Personas Support Package

Return to the Software Download page and click on 'Support Packages and Patches' (


 Click on 'Alphabetical List of Products'

 Search for SAP Screen Personas


 Select the proper SAP Screen Personas version

 Expand the 'Compromised Software Component Versions' and click on 'Support Packages'


 Download both personas SAR files (SP01 and SP02)


Extracting and Moving Personas Files


Now you have downloaded all the Screen Personas files, unzip the PERSONAS installation file, then access DATA_UNITS folder. 

Access PERSONAS_300_INST folder


Access the DATA folder

 Unpack the .SAR file and access the EPS folder



Access the in folder, you'll see a .PAT file

Move the .PAT file inside the following path:   .../usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

Unpack the Support Package .SAR files and then click on the 'EPS' folder


Click on 'in' folder and move the .PAT files to the same previous path .../usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

All the files are now in the proper folder and ready to be imported

Installing SAP Screen Personas

  On your system, go to transaction SAINT and click on 'Start'

 Click on 'Load'

 A confirmation pop-up will appear, click 'Yes'

Confirm wheter the files were uploaded successfuly or no


Go back one screen, select the PERSONAS add-on and hit 'Continue'

Select the PERSONAS Target Support Package and hit 'Continue'

Check if the calculated queue is correct and hit 'Continue'

A pop-up will appear asking if you want to add modification adjustments to the queu. In this example, since I have no modifications I'll just hit 'No'


 Another screen will open requesting a password, the password is located inside the SAP Note 2013453. Input the password and hit the Green Check

Schedule the add-on installation, on this scenario I'll run in Background. Hit 'Start Options' and select 'Start in background immediately'

Hit the Green check and the installation will begin.

Once the addon was imported, hit 'Finish'










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