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SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Hands On Training


SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Hands On Training


This document provides some hands on training (along with all the material needed) for SAP Screen Personas 3.0. It shows examples of flavor creation/theme/scripting/tab merging. If you are using this material for classes, make sure you have read the details below. If you have any questions on this topic, please ask on scn.

Estimated time: ~ 2 - 3 hours

Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium


Instructor Checklist

  1. Make sure that all the Images used in the exercise are present in the system
    You can download the images from the links below (for the respective exercises) and import them into the system from transaction /n/personas/resources
    Make sure that all the images you import are made "public".
  2. Participants should have access to transaction SMEN and IE03.
  3. Participants should have at least "/personas/editor_role" pfcg role assigned to their user.
  4. You should make sure that the training system have some Equipment Number to be used in transaction IE03.
    Write 3-5 equipment numbers on the board somewhere or display them through the projector from your laptop.
  5. You should download the participant handout from below, and either send them beforehand OR give them a print out copy
  6. Provide your users an initial round of introduction to personas editor. They should be familiar with terms such as flavors,themes,scripts,editor,flavor manager, etc..
  7. SAMPLE FLAVORS: Every exercise below has its respective flavor's link. Use /n/personas/flavors to import the flavors in your system if you need it for reference..


Use Case Scenario

Its always a good idea to tell the participants some business role before giving them tasks. So that, when they do the exercises, it makes sense. Make sure you have read the business case and role to the users. Feel free to add your own use case.

Business Case

You are Sam, manager of all business experts in a manufacturing company. Cool4U produces cooling systems and air conditioning for commercial and residential purpose. It is a company with 1500 employees and with annual revenue of US $550M. You are based in Silicon Valley, CA, the company’s headquarters.

Your department at Cool4U has a team of 35 people.

Your current responsibilities and goals are:

  1. Start a project to improve the usability of SAP GUI transactions
  2. Check how SAP Screen Personas 3.0 can be used for your UX project
  3. Get project started within the next 2 weeks


Link to download Participant Handout

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Participants Handout


Exercise 1: SMEN Dashboard


Use Case

You want to create a DASHBOARD flavor for your end users in your company. You have already talked to the end users about their requirements. They need a flavor which does quick Equipment Lookup along with other functionalities.

You have got a design from your UX designer on how the flavor will look like.

Your task in this exercise if to create a SMEN Dashboard flavor based on the design given by the UX designers.

Here is what your flavor should look like:

Step-by-step instructions (Estimated Time ~40 mins)

Exercise 1 video


Link to download the SMEN Dashboard flavor


Links to download the Images used

  1. runner
  2. Users
  3. search
  4. Edit-Pencil
  5. SAP-logo


Exercise 2 : Themes


Use Case

Now with your dashboard ready, your company wants to use the SAP FIORI based theme for SAP Screen Personas 3.0.

There is a SAP FIORI Design Guideline provided by SAP found here: 

Now, you want to see how FIORI based theme will look like.

Step-by-step instructions (Estimated Time ~15 mins)


Exercise 2 video

Link to download the Theme

Exercise 2

Link to download Images Used



Exercise 3 : Scripting


Use Case

At this point, you want to introduce some content to your flavor. In the designed Dashboard flavor, you want the users to enter an Equipment number and without going to transaction IE03, use scripting to gather plant and company information. 

Step-by-step instructions (Estimated Time ~40 mins)


Exercise 3 video

Link to download the SMEN Dashboard flavor with Script

Exercise 3


Sample Equipment:

  • 10000958
  • TRUCK01
  • TRUCK02
  • P-1000-DF01
  • UNIMOG-20


Exercise 4. Tab Merging


Use Case

For some transactions which have many tabs, end users do not want to click on many tabs to gather information.

So, your UX designers have asked you to create a simplified screen and show content from different tabs in one screen. You will now use a feature called Tab Merging and pull out the contents from 3 different tabs. Below is the sample design for transaction IE03 screen.

Step-by-step instructions (Estimated Time ~15 mins)


Exercise 4 video


Link to download IE03 Tab Merging flavor




Exercise 5 Optional. Error Handling


Use case

Once your SMEN Dashboard went out to the end users for Usability Testing, they were thrilled to see that being in SMEN flavor, they can look up information such as Plant and Company without going to transaction IE03.

BUT, some users complained that the screen flow is not correct when they enter an incorrect equipment number. In case of wrong equipment number, they want to see the error message in SMEN Dashboard flavor itself rather than going to transaction IE03.

So now, you will enhance your script to handle the error if a wrong equipment number is entered by the user.

Step-by-step instructions (Estimated Time ~20 mins)


Exercise 5 video

Link to download the SMEN Dashboard flavor with Error Handling Script

Exercise 5 Error





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