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SAP Screen Personas Product Support

Tutorials, product updates, tips & tricks, and best practices for driving your UX transformation with SAP Screen Personas


Overseeing an SAP Screen Personas implementation? Here are resources for getting acquainted with the admin transaction, as well as supporting your users.

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We are currently experiencing issues with our embedded YouTube videos. We are working to fix this as quickly as we can. In the meantime, please proceed directly to the SAP UX Engineering YouTube channel for your video needs. The channel provides search functionality that will allow you to easily find what you are looking for.

Productivity Power Play 60: Reusing Flavors Across Applications

Tamas Hoznek demonstrates how to copy flavor changes from one transaction to another.

Productivity Power Play 40: Guided Answers

SAP Product Support now has a tool to help cut down on wait time to get answers or diagnose an issue. Guided Answers allow users to solve some issues themselves and kick start the support process by avoiding unnecessary round trips.

Productivity Power Play 34: Screen Overwrites

Sushant Priyadarshi discusses what to do if flavor changes disappear when users click on certain tabs. He shows how to diagnose this issue and fix it using screen overwrite rules.

Productivity Power Play 22: Deploying Flavors

Dominik Ofenloch goes through the flavor management process, including a detailed tour of the Flavor Maintenance screen. He shows how to use the admin transaction to add flavors to the Flavor Gallery and Flavor Manager, and set Flavors as defaults.

Manipulating Flavor-Role Assignments using BAdIs

This article explains you how you can manipulate the assignments of flavors assigned by role using SAP BAdIs. This enables developers to implement company-specific rules for flavor assignment and setting up default flavors.

Reference Users in SAP Screen Personas

Reference Users are roles with specific authorizations. This article describes how to set them up and apply them to users to speed up role assignment.

Screen and Control ID Overwrites

Occasionally flavor changes made may not be applied when navigating through certain transactions. This is often due to the need for screen or control ID overwrites. This article describes the concept and common symptoms that indicate when they might be needed.

Tab Merging in Header and Item Detail Screens of VA0* Transactions

The tab container on the Header and Item Detail screens of VA0* transactions is spread across multiple screens. This can cause tab merging issues. This article explains the issue and details a solution.

Transporting SAP Screen Personas Objects

This article describes how to use the Transport Management System to transport SAP Screen Personas objects between systems.

Using Flavor Groups

This article describes how to set up Flavor Groups, an SAP Screen Personas feature that allows you to assign specific flavors to transactions to create a consistent look and feel for users navigating through different business processes.
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