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SAP Screen Personas Product Support

Tutorials, product updates, tips & tricks, and best practices for driving your UX transformation with SAP Screen Personas

Best Practices & Tips

Getting familiar with SAP Screen Personas? Here are some of our favorite tricks for getting the most out of it.

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We are currently experiencing issues with our embedded YouTube videos. We are working to fix this as quickly as we can. In the meantime, please proceed directly to the SAP UX Engineering YouTube channel for your video needs. The channel provides search functionality that will allow you to easily find what you are looking for.

Productivity Power Play 60: Reusing Flavors Across Applications

Tamas Hoznek demonstrates how to copy flavor changes from one transaction to another.

Productivity Power Play 53: Best Practices for Building Mobile Flavors

User experience designer Navdeep Ganesh explains a few mobile design best practices that are applicable to anyone mobilizing SAP Screen Personas flavors.

Productivity Power Play 50: Choosing the Right UX Technology

Patrick Andersen of itelligence Nordic outlines how you can align your user experience transformation approach with your business strategy and provides guidance on when to use SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori.

Productivity Power Play 47: Using Analytics to Drive SAP Screen Personas Flavor Development

Vandana Deep discusses how the data from the SAP Screen Personas analytics feature can be used to find a starting point for a flavor building project, as well as how it can be used to improve on existing flavors.

Productivity Power Play 41: Avoiding Tab Merging Through Custom Controls

Clemens Gantert demonstrates how to simplify screens for change-transactions by creating custom input fields, aka "shadow controls", to represent the standard controls.

Productivity Power Play 25: Rendering Fields Across Tabs Without Tab Merging

Sebastian Steinhauer demonstrates how to use scripting as an alternative to tab merging.

Productivity Power Play 21: Usability Testing

Sylvia Barnard discusses the importance of usability testing and how to perform it, as well as how to use user feedback to improve SAP Screen Personas flavors.

Productivity Power Play 17: Project Preparation and Design

Tamas Hoznek and Peter Spielvogel discuss the importance of considering the business process and capabilities of SAP Screen Personas when designing your screens. They also cover the importance of involving end-users into the design process.

Productivity Power Play 16: Factoring SAP Screen Personas into the Design Process

Tobias Queck and Peter Spielvogel discuss knowing the capabilities and limitations of SAP Screen Personas when designing your project, as well as selecting the best UX tool for your needs.

Productivity Power Play 15: Simplify the Process First

Tamas Hoznek and Peter Spielvogel discuss considering the business process when designing your SAP Screen Personas project.


Available URL Parameters

This page lists the URL parameters available with SAP Screen Personas.

Directly Launching Flavors

This article describes two methods for launching flavors without selecting from the flavor bar: using URL parameters and the OK code field.

Filling Fields with URL Parameters

This article describes how to automatically fill both Dynpro and SAP Screen Personas fields with URL parameters.

Handling Errors and Debugging

This article covers several options for handling errors and debugging your scripts.

Measuring Time in Transaction

This article describes how to use a several scripts to measure how long it takes for a user to complete a process in a transaction.

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