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Awarded for excellence in SAP Screen Personas design. Winners have demonstrated significant improvements to their business processes, outstanding visual design, or clever and innovative project development.

Currently paused to allow users to explore SAP Screen Personas Slipstream Engine and develop innovative mobile flavors.

Q4 2017 Winner

BluestoneX Consulting

Submitted by: Kyle Barnfield

Industry: Professional Services

Use case: Simplifying master data management

Results: Significant user experience improvement with a considerable reduction of time in transaction, as well as increased data quality.

Q3 2017 Winner

Amcor Rigid Plastics – Cogent IBS

Submitted by: Akila Murugesan

Industry: Rigid plastic packaging

Use case: Simplifying work order and notification creation within plant maintenance

Results: Greatly simplified business processes: 83% reduction in training time and
58% reduction in task completion time with 100% SAP compliance and improved data quality.

Q2 2017 Winners

Convergent IS

Submitted by: Joseph Chinnabathini

Industry: IT

Use case: Simplified the service notification process

Results: Streamlined screens reduced time in transaction by 69%.


DONG Energy

Submitted by: Dong Zhu

Industry: Energy

Use case: Creating a guided dashboard for users

Results: Streamlined and simplified business processes by allowing convenient access to 326 transactions.

Hydro Tasmania

Submitted by: Anthony Pierotti

Industry: Energy

Use case: Building a simple, intuitive interface for users to create notifications. Accessed from SAP Fiori Launchpad

Results: Improved compliance and data integrity, decreased rework. 

Q1 2017 Winners


Submitted by: Merten Schüler

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturing

Use case: Creating service notifications and improving user adoption

Results: Vastly improved the productivity and adoption rates of its users. Simplified processes in order to save 140,000 clicks and 3 person-weeks per year. Boosted SAP adoption from <50% to 100%.


Submitted by: Devendar Reddy

Industry: Biotechnology

Use case: Creating and viewing sales orders

Results: Streamlined the user experience for its users by creating an easy-access dashboard and simplifying complex transactions. Enabled certain processes to be completed on a single screen.


Q4 2016 Winners

DONG Energy – itelligence

Submitted by: Patrick Aagaard Andersen

Industry: Energy

Use case: Creating toolkits for maintenance workers

Results: Enabled a consumer-grade user experience through the creation of a dashboard with live tiles and simplified business processes. Personalized transactions saw a 71% reduction in the total number of clicks required for completion. 

Estee Lauder

Submitted by: Thomas Melody

Industry: Consumer products

Use case: Simplifying the goods receipt process

Results: Reduced the amount of training time required for new users by creating simplified, intuitive screens. Increased data quality by adding validation to certain processes. Transaction code-free navigation improved system security when working with external users.

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