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SAP Screen Personas Product Support

Tutorials, product updates, tips & tricks, and best practices for driving your UX transformation with SAP Screen Personas


The SAP Screen Personas editor allows you to design the visual aspects of your flavors. Here are some resources for creating intuitive and visual appealing flavors.

Please note:

We are currently experiencing issues with our embedded YouTube videos. We are working to fix this as quickly as we can. In the meantime, please proceed directly to the SAP UX Engineering YouTube channel for your video needs. The channel provides search functionality that will allow you to easily find what you are looking for.

Productivity Power Play 65: Table Features in Slipstream Engine

Tamas Hoznek demonstrates the new table features available in Slipstream Engine, as part of SAP Screen Personas SP09.


Productivity Power Play 62: Using the Viewport Editor

Conrad Bernal demonstrates how the Viewport Editor, introduced in SAP Screen Personas SP08, speeds up and simplifies Viewport creation and maintenance.

Productivity Power Play 58: Using Quick Styles

Brooke Drury demonstrates how to use Quick Styles to quickly and consistently brand your screens in SAP Screen Personas.

Productivity Power Play 57: Building Adaptive Flavors

Brooke Drury demonstrates how to build an adaptive flavor to make your flavors accessible to users on a mobile device.

Productivity Power Play 43: Creating Onscreen Help

Tamas Hoznek demonstrates various controls accessible in the flavor editor that can be used to guide users through transactions.

Productivity Power Play 42: Creating Templates

Klaus Keller demonstrates how to use templates to maintain a consistent look and feel across screens and transactions.

Productivity Power Play 32: Understanding Tab Merging and Screen Processing Times

Sebastian Steinhauer answers a customer question about estimating performance for tab merging scenarios leveraging SAP statistics collection in transaction STAD. He also compares performance between SAP GUI for HTML and SAP GUI for Windows.

Productivity Power Play 5: Introduction to Theming

Ashley Tung demonstrates how to apply an SAP Screen Personas theme to your screen, as well as how to build one.

Blocking Input Validation for Tab Merging

The SAP Screen Personas tab merging algorithm generally requires the ability to freely move between tabs. In some cases input and change transactions might enforce a specific input sequence that prevents the tab merging algorithm from switching to the required tabs. This article describes how you can use placeholders to guide end users through the input. 

Changing Tab Key Order

When using SAP Screen Personas to rearrange fields, the tab key order from the original screen is retained. This article describes how to change this setting, so that the tab key navigates through the new screen in the proper sequence.

Creating Search Helps

How to add search helps to input fields, using both the SAP Screen Personas editor and the scripting engine.

Hiding the Default (Active) Tab in a Tab Strip

When hiding tabs in a tab strip, it typically isn't typically isn't possible to hide the tab currently activated by the backend transaction. This article describes a workaround using scripting.

Screen and Control Overwrite Entries

Occasionally flavor changes made may not be applied when navigating through certain transactions. This is often due to the need for screen or control ID overwrites. This article describes the concept and common symptoms that indicate when they might be needed.



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