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SAP Screen Personas Product Support

Tutorials, product updates, tips & tricks, and best practices for driving your UX transformation with SAP Screen Personas

Mobile Topics

Running your SAP Screen Personas flavors on a mobile device? Here are some tutorials and tips.

Productivity Power Play 59: Building Viewports (SP07 only)

Conrad Bernal demonstrates how to walk users through a business process using viewports, a new feature in SAP Screen Personas SP07.

Productivity Power Play 57: Building Adaptive Flavors

Brooke Drury demonstrates how to build an adaptive flavor to make your flavors accessible to users on a mobile device.

Productivity Power Play 53: Best Practices for Building Mobile Flavors

User experience designer Navdeep Ganesh explains a few mobile design best practices that are applicable to anyone mobilizing SAP Screen Personas flavors.

Productivity Power Play 52: Building Flavors with Barcode Scanning Functionality

Vandana Deep shows you how to use your devices' camera as a barcode scanner in SAP Screen Personas.

Productivity Power Play 49: Slipstream Engine

Peter Spielvogel discusses the new SAP Screen Personas Slipstream Engine, including what it is, why we built it, and how it helps you.



Building Flavors with Barcode Scanning Functionality

Companion article to PPP 52. How to access a mobile device's camera for use as a barcode/QR code scanner. Scripts included.












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