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SAP Screen Personas Product Support

Tutorials, product updates, tips & tricks, and best practices for driving your UX transformation with SAP Screen Personas


The scripting engine in SAP Screen Personas allows you to automate actions, prefill fields, and more. Here's how to use it: from your first script to some advanced tips from the product team.

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We are currently experiencing issues with our embedded YouTube videos. We are working to fix this as quickly as we can. In the meantime, please proceed directly to the SAP UX Engineering YouTube channel for your video needs. The channel provides search functionality that will allow you to easily find what you are looking for.

Productivity Power Play 59: Guiding Users with Viewports (SP07 only)

Conrad Bernal demonstrates how to walk users through a business process using viewports, a new feature in SAP Screen Personas SP07.

Productivity Power Play 38: Handling Pop Ups with Scripting

Clemens Gantert demonstrates how to handle popups and error messages through scripting.

Productivity Power Play 31: Calling RFCs

Clemens Gantert demonstrates how to call an RFC (Remote Function Call) in SAP Screen Personas.

Productivity Power Play 30: Scripting for WebDynpro ABAP

Dirk Becker discusses and demonstrates using the SAP Screen Personas scripting editor with Web Dynpro ABAP applications.

Productivity Power Play 28: Creating Adaptive Flavors

Tamas Hoznek demonstrates how to change the size of screen elements using scripting. NOTE: This is an outdated method. The Adaptive Flavor feature, introduced in SP05, allows users to do with using the SAP Screen Personas Editor.

Productivity Power Play 26: Optimizing Your Scripts

Tobias Queck discusses and demonstrates optimizing scripts to speed up actions. Topics discussed: reducing roundtrips, using session.utils.put and session.utils.get, and grouping read and write requests.

Productivity Power Play 24: Optimizing Screen Event Scripts

Sebastian Steinhauer discusses how to improve the performance of flavors, demonstrating how to optimize the scripts being used with Screen Events.

Productivity Power Play 6: Introduction to Scripting

Clemens Gantert explains how scripting works in SAP Screen Personas and demonstrates how to write several basic scripts.

Assigning Scripts to Dropdown List Inputs

This article describes how to assign scripts to an onSelect event for use with a dropdown list.

Scripting API

This article lists the scripting API available in SAP Screen Personas.

Available Scripting Events

This article lists the scripting events currently available in SAP Screen Personas, as well as the processing flow for events.

Building Flavors with Barcode Scanning Functionality

This article describes how to add a barcode scanning function to your flavor, including the scripts required.

Changing the Value Set of a Combo Box

This article describes the procedure for change the value set of a combo box, including the required scripts.

Copying Table Data into a Variable

This article provides several different options for copying table data into a variable.

Creating Alert and Confirmation Dialogs

This article describes how to create Alert and Confirmation dialog boxes (popups), including the scripts required.

Creating Responsive Designs

This article provides the procedure for automatically changing the size of screen elements, depending on the size of the browser window.

Executing Asynchronous Scripts or Scripts Triggered by Non-Personas Sources

This article outlines use cases for asynchronous scripts and then describes how to use them,

Handling Errors and Debugging

This article covers several options for handling errors and debugging your scripts.

Implementing Custom Validations

This article covers the scripts required to enforce validations on fields that were originally not mandatory.

Maintaining Flavor Changes When F4 Windows Open

This article describes how to ensure that flavor changes are kept when F4 popups are opened.

Measuring Time in Transaction

This article describes how to use a several scripts to measure how long it takes for a user to complete a process in a transaction.

Scripting and F4 Helps

This article briefly describes scripting support for F4 Helps.

Solving Tab Merging Issues with Scripting

This article addresses typical problems that may arise when a screen contains tab-merged controls.

Table Control and ALV Grid View Functions

This article contains several scripts intended for use with tables: Copy Content, Print Column Names in Browser Console, Find Row Index Based on a Value in a Column, and Find Row Index of the First Empty Row.

Translating Scripts

This article covers the procedure for translating scripts into different languages.

Uploading Excel Spreadsheets

This article describes the procedure for using a JavaScript library to display an Excel spreadsheet in an HTML viewer.

Using Global JavaScript Libraries

This article shows how a Javascript library can be included within scripts so that functions from the library can be reused across scripts within a flavor or scripts across flavors.

Using onBeforeRefresh Events

This article describes onBeforeRefresh events and when to use them.

Using Scripting with Function Codes

This article describes how to use function codes in the OK field and then explains how to insert scripts to automate those functions.

Using Scripts to Interact with Tables

This article demonstrates several different use cases for using scripts to interact with tables using the tables selectedRowsAbsolute property.

Using Search Helps

This article describes how to add search helps to a flavor, as well as how to use the onF4 script event.

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