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As most of our customers know, SAP NetWeaver 7.40 is the last release supporting non-Unicode.

Since SAP Screen Personas is an add-on to the Netweaver ABAP stack, we will be following SAP’s standard support policy.

For customers in the process of converting their non-Unicode systems to Unicode, we will provide limited support for SAP Screen Personas on non-Unicode systems. Certain characters may not render properly in non-Unicode systems. For example, all non-supported characters might appear as a “#” rather than what they are supposed to be. Please pay special attention to this detail when verifying a scenario for the use of SAP Screen Personas.

Also certain limitations when using SAP GUI for HTML in non-unicode environments exist and also apply to SAP Screen Personas (i.e.
Additional limitations might exist.  

We recommend you work with your IT department to schedule a Unicode migration so you can obtain the maximum value from your SAP systems, including simplifying them with SAP Screen Personas to improve user productivity.

Please note: The same policy also applies to both SAP Screen Personas 2.0 and SAP Screen Personas 3.0