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SAP Screen Personas


SP04: Batch based deletion report



SAP Screen Personas comes up with a trash bin for deleted objects. This allows you to restore deleted objects if necessary. It is recommended to empty the trash bin from time to time.


Since SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP04 SAP delivers report /PERSONAS/BATCH_DELETION for batch-job-based cleanup of deleted objects. The report can be used for batch-based-deletion of Personas objects regularly. The report supports the following objects:

  • Flavors
  • Resources
  • Icons
  • Templates
  • Themes

Cleanup the system

To cleanup your system you have to start transaction SA38. Choose report /PERSONAS/BATCH_DELETION. On the selection screen you can enter the number of days after the objects should be deleted permanently. Now you can execute the report directly or schedule it as batch-report. To schedule it as batch report please choose menu entry "Program" and then select "Execute in background".



Important News

This knowledge base is not solely SAP provided content - but community driven. Please also check on SMP and for SAP released information and notes on SAP Screen Personas.

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How to Open OSS Message

 What information is needed for creating OSS message?

  1. Make Sure you are on the latest patches and notes.
  2. Kernel Patch Level
  3. Two Types of connections to your environment: HTTP and R/3
  4. All the connections should be tested with proper credentials provided
  5. Steps to re-create the issue
  6. Attach related logs
  7. File tickets against BC_PER



Client settings can be viewed/edited using transaction sm30 and opening maintenance view for table /personas/sttngs.