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SAP Screen Personas

Screen and Control Overwrite Entries

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Sushant Priyadarshi , Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat


This article will discuss about the Screen and Control Overwrite logic in SAP Screen Personas 3.0


For some transactions, for Personas 3.0 to work correctly, we need some overwrite entries. There are 2 kind of overwrites entries which are Screen ID and Control ID overwrites. Below you will find the explanation of both the concepts and how your flavor is affected.

About overwrite conversion report

 When a new screen/control overwrite is added after you have built a flavor, you can possibly run the overwrite conversion report to apply the new overwrite entries.

BUT, the desired output CANNOT be guaranteed post conversion. In that case, you should create a new flavor.


  • Both Screen and Control Overwrite entries can be maintained from Personas admin transaction under "Additional Administrative Tasks"
  • DO NOT copy the overwrite entries of Personas 2.0 to Personas 3.0. Personas 3.0 follows a different way of overwriting screen or control overwrite entries
  • DO NOT alter the overwrite entries provided by SAP. If you have understood the concept of overwrites, feel free to write your own overwrite entries. But if you are unsure, ask SAP
  • A quick smoke test will let you know whether you need overwrite entries or not. Check the symptoms section below.

Common symptoms when you need overwrite entries

  • Controls appearing/disappearing on changing tab or when screen gets refreshed
  • Flavor changes (for e.g. background color) sometime get applied
  • Tab merging not working as expected

Control ID Overwrite

In Personas, all the flavor changes are stored against the ID of a particular control. In order to render correctly, these IDs should be present in the screen. For most transaction, control IDs does not change, BUT for some transactions, the control IDs of some of the controls are generated dynamically. This can be a problem in making your flavor seamless as Personas for e.g. will try to apply flavor(changes) for a particular ID when the ID is not at all there due to dynamic nature.

Control ID Overwrite Example:

In transaction ME21N, the dropbox highlighted below changes its control ID on expand/collapse of Header/Item Overview containers.

Before Control ID Overwrite:

After Control ID Overwrite:

Screen ID Overwrite

Personas uses a combination of Transaction Code + Program Name + Screen Number to store the screen changes of a given flavors. But some transactions, changes the Screen Number within the same transaction or within same Program due to the dynamic design. So Personas 3.0 uses a mechanism called Screen ID Overwrite which is basically used to negate the side effects caused due to dynamic change in Screen Numbers.


Screen ID Overwrite Example:

In transaction MM03, when you change the tabs, you will notice that the Screen Number changes going from Tab 1 to Tab 2

Notice the Screen Numbers below when 2 different tabs are clicked