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SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Utility Methods

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Sushant Priyadarshi , Kranthi Kumar Muppala


This page provides information on some of the utility methods which can be used in the script.


UPDATE: Please refer to the SAP Screen Personas Scripting API Documentation page for latest updates - Scripting API

Method List


This will store the key "sap" with its value "personas" for the entire session.

Both Key and Value have to be string

session.utils.get(key)session.utils.get("sap");Gets the key value
session.utils.openUrl(url)session.utils.openUrl("");Open the specified URL in a new tab
session.utils.executeScript(scriptID)session.utils.executeScript("wnd[0]/scriptPersonas1234");Invokes the Script with the passed script id
session.utils.changeFlavor(flavorID)session.utils.changeFlavor("72645SGRET5363YEF536");Changes the flavor
session.utils.log(message)session.utils.log("This is SAP Personas 3.0");Creates a log entry in the Script Window
session.idExists(sid)session.idExists("wnd[0]/usr/ctxtSUID_ST");Returns TRUE if the control exists else FALSE

//You are currently in tCode SU01


Launches specified transaction.

BUT, it works like a function call. Hitting BACK button from SE11 will take you back to SU01


//You are currently in tCode SU01


Launches specified transaction.

Forgets current context and start new transaction. So, from the example, if you hit BACK button from SE11, you go to SMEN flavorId =;returns current Flavor ID flavorName = current Flavor Name tCode =;returns current Transaction program =;returns DYNPRO(Program) nuymber screenNumber =;returns Screen Number system =;returns system SID appServer =;returns APP Server client =;returns current logged in client user =;returns current USER lang =;returns current language



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