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Service Modeler

View services and manage annotations with ease.


The SAP Fiori tools - Service Modeler is a graphical tool that provides visualization of OData service including its backend and local annotations. 

We believe that by offering a tool to visualize complex services and their respective annotations, our user base can fine tune their Fiori Elements applications.  

The extension is suited for service consumers, as typically one person writes a service but it is consumed by many. In order to speed up the consumers workflow, we provide a number of useful visualization features;

  • Visualization of OData service based on the local EDMX .xml file within the project.
  • View and manage annotations associated to the entities, projections and properties of a service.
  • Manage services required for Fiori Element applications, for example adding new services to a project or syncing services that already exist to ensure they are up to date.
  • Manage local annotation files associated to the different services of a Fiori Element project. Users can create local annotation files and set the hierarchy for local annotation for a service.

Project Gallery

Service List View

Annotation List View

Annotation Hierarchy Manager

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