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SAP Screen Personas

Translation of Flavors

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Dominik Ofenloch

Updated in Admin Guide SP08


This article provides an introduction into the translation process of Personas flavors.

(warning) This article is based on Screen Personas 3.0 with installed Service Pack 1


SAP Screen Personas supports the translation of multiple different properties:

  • You can translate the flavor name and the flavor description
  • You can change existing labels, group headers, tab names and many other Dynpro screen elements and translate them afterwards
  • You can change the text of existing DropDown-List-Boxes and translate it afterwards
  • You can translate your own inserted Personas objects (Script/Transaction buttons, DropDown-List-Boxes, ...)
  • You can translate your Personas StickyNotes

(info) To translate flavors you need Personas Administrator or Personas Translator Authorization!

Preparation: Create the flavor you like to translate

The translation is done in the flavor admin tool.

But stop! Before you can translate your flavor you have to edit it in the original language. So the process is as follows:

  1. Create or change the flavor you like to translate. For this you use the Personas editor. Remark: Please be aware that the system logon language will also be the original language of the flavor. Flavor editing using the flavor editor is only possible in the original language; the translation is not possible in the flavor editor!
  2. Now you're in the Personas editor. Now you can edit the objects you like to translate later on. You can also add new objects as Personas StickyNotes or external link buttons. When you're done click on save & exit to save the flavor in the original language.
  3. Now you can start with the translation using the flavor admin tool. This will be described in the next section.

Translation of flavors using the flavor admin tool

After you have created your flavor you can start with the translation itself:

  1. Start the translation tool. For this you use the flavor Admin tool. You need Personas admin or translator authorizations. If you have all authorizations you can execute execute transaction /PERSONAS/FLAVORS.
  2. You are now in the flavor selection screen. Search for the flavor you like to translate and click on the search button.
  3. Dependent on the search criteria you provided you are now navigated to the flavor search result list or directly to the flavor administration screen itself. After you have found and selected your flavor you can start with the translation itself. For this click on the translate button. Remark: In case you only have translator rights please directly jump to step 4.
  4. You're now in the flavor translation screen. The screen consists of 3 sections:
    1. In the first row you have two tables which enables you to select the source and target language. Usually you select as source language the flavors original language. Right to it you can select the target language to which you like to translate your flavor.
    2. In the "Translations" section you have a table providing all translatable texts. The table summarizes all available text types. The table always includes the flavor name and the flavor description and additionally all other texts you have created or modified in the flavor editor. In case you're in edit mode the column "Target text" is editable for translation. The number of characters in this table is restricted to 255 characters. In case you like to edit longer texts you have to use the "Edit longtext" button available in the table.
    3. The last section provides all translations of the selected text in the second section. Just click at any text in the "Translations" section. The table now shows you the translations of the given text in all languages the flavor text has been translated.
  5. After you have finished your translation you can go back to the previous Flavor administration detail screen and save the flavor changes. Congratulations! You have successfully translated your first flavor!

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