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SAP Screen Personas




Transportation of translated flavors

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Regina Sheynblat , Dominik Ofenloch

Not relevant anymore 9/27/2018

Flavors can be translated into any language. The Personas Admin tools enable you to transport your flavor from the original system to any other system. In the last months the Personas team received a few customer incidents complaining about missing flavor translations in the importing systems. In all cases the problem was related to the "language selection mode" (lsm) parameter in the SAP Transport program. This parameter enables system administrators to define whether only the original language or whether also all other languages shall be exported from the original system.  

Further information how you can enable the export of all languages in your system you can find in the offical help on Transporting Languagae-Dependent Data.




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This knowledge base is not solely SAP provided content - but community driven. Please also check on SMP and for SAP released information and notes on SAP Screen Personas.

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How to Open OSS Message

 What information is needed for creating OSS message?

  1. Make Sure you are on the latest patches and notes.
  2. Kernel Patch Level
  3. Two Types of connections to your environment: HTTP and R/3
  4. All the connections should be tested with proper credentials provided
  5. Steps to re-create the issue
  6. Attach related logs
  7. File tickets against BC_PER

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