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SAP Screen Personas


Transporting Personas Objects

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Oisin ONidh , Regina Sheynblat , Former Member


Personas flavors (and all other objects: resources, themes, ...) are designed as very flexible objects. The original idea of a flavor is that it can be created and edited by business experts as well as by developers. Flavors can be created and edited in development systems as well as in productive environments. This flexibility of Personas objects is also reflected in the Personas database design. All Personas objects as flavors and resources are stored in application tables instead of customizing tables. This enables a flexible handling of the Personas objects but it also leads to some restrictions we'll explain you in this article.


This article introduces you in the transport management of Personas objects. The following Personas objects can be transported using the Transport Management System:

  • Flavors
  • User- and role assignments of flavors
  • Resources (Images, ...)
  • Roles
  • Themes
  • Theme-Role-Assignments and
  • Icons
  • Templates

Personas Objects are transported as Workbench Objects.

New features available with SP05

With Personas 3.0 SP05 the Personas transport management provides the following new features:

The these new features have been included into this article. In case a feature is only available in SP05 this is highlighted in this article.

Export & Import of objects

This article describes the transportation of Personas Objects using the Transport Management System. The transport Management System should be used in case you plan to transport Personas Objects regularly from a development system to a productive (or other) system.

In many simple scenarios in which you just like copy objects from one system to another system the transportation process is oversized and too much time consuming. In this case we recommend you to use the Export- and Import functionality which is offered in the Personas Admin tools.

In difference to the Transport Management Function the Export- and Import-function doesn't offer the Export and Import of User- and Role assignments of flavors and Theme-Role-Assignments of flavors.


Preparation: Setting up the import client customizing table

As all Personas Objects are stored in application tables (delivery class A) the transportation process differs from the process using standard customizing tables:

  • Personas objects transported from an original system to a target system usually only gets imported into client 000 of the target system.
    WARNING: This rule applies to many systems but not to all. Dependent on your system settings it may be that you have to maintain the import-client table or not. We recommend you to skip this step first and to check whether transportation works without maintaining the import client customizing table. For more information please read SAP Note 2857.

To move your personas objects from client 000 to your productive clients you have to maintain customizing table /PERSONAS/IMPC in your development system before release of the first transport:

  1. Start transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN and choose "Goto -> Import Clients". Alternatively you can also start transaction SM30 and enter /PERSONAS/C_IMPC into the table name field.  
  2. Switch to edit mode and insert new customizing entries.
  3. Maintain the import client table. The table offers two columns:
    • "Import system": System Id of the Import system. You can enter here a concrete system id (for example "PRD") or you can enter an asterisk ("*") to import flavors in all import systems.
    • "Target Client": Import client of the transported flavor. Here you can specify a concrete import client. In case you like to import your objects in all clients you can also use an asterisk ("*")
    • "System" and "Client": Optional field. Available since Personas SP05 (warning). System Id of the objects original system. In case the field is empty the customizing setting applies to all imported objects. Otherwise the object will be imported to the Import system and target client only in case the objects original-system matches with this customizing setting.
    • The following screenshot summarizes your options:
  4. Save your changes. Important: The customizing settings need to be transported to the intended target systems before the changes in Personas take affect.

After you have maintained and transported the customizing table you can go ahead and start adding your Personas Objects to the Transportation Requests.

Table delivery class

 You can find more information about the transport of table data and the delivery class here.

Adding of Personas Objects to Transport Requests

Adding your Personas objects to transport requests is very simple:

  1. Start transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN. :
    1. Select "Transport" to navigate to the Transport Utility. Choose this option in case you exactly know which objects you like to transport.
    2. Alternatively click on the execute button of the object you like to transport. Using this option offers you the full search mask of the corresponding object.

      This article will continue its explainations with step 1b)
  2. Now search for the objects you want to transport. Select them in the search result screen and click on toolbar button "Transport"
  3. You're now entering the Transport Utility list screen. This screen gives you an overview of the objects which will be added to the transport request. In case dependent objects exist they will be added to this list. For example: In case a flavor uses a background image the image resource file is added to this list too. Now click on button "Transport All" to transport all found objects.
  4. You're ending up in the transport utilitiy details screen which gives you a last overview of the selected objects and all dependent objects shown in a subtree. Click on button "Add to Transport" and choose a workbench transport object.

Pushing objects from any client to the workbench client (available with SP05 (warning))

Since SP05 Personas provides an object-push-feature to move objects from any (customizing-)client to the workbench client of the same system. This feature was provided to simplify copying of flavors from customizing-clients to the central workbench client in development systems.

This feature must be set up before using it for the first time.

  1. Logon to the customizing/source client.
  2. Start transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN and search for group "Additional Administrative Tasks". Click on button "Change settings".
  3. Add a new setting to the customizing table:
    1. Setting: PUSH_TO_CLIENT
    2. Value: <Workbench Client>
  4. Save your changes and exit

Now you can start pushing objects to the workbench client:

  1. For this you have to simply follow the steps as described in section Adding of Personas Objects to Transport Requests.
  2. In step 4 you now have to click on button "Push to Client <YourTargetClient>" button. This button replaces the "Add to Transport" button as long as the push-feature is enabled.
  3. The selected objects have been copied to the workbench client.

After the objects have been copied to the workbench client you can continue with adding them to a transport request. This is quite simple:

  1. Logon to the workbench client.
  2. Start transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN
  3. Click on button "Transport pushed objects". A transport popup will open and all new objects will be added to the transport request.
  4. Release the transport request.

Please also consider maintaining the import-client-customizing table as described in this article above.

Behavior of transported objects

Please consider the following information about transported Personas objects:

Usually Personas objects are editable in every system. As soon as an objects gets added to a transport request it will locked in all target systems:

  • In case a flavor gets added to a transport request in system DEV and transported to system PRD it will be locked for editing in system PRD. There is no possibility to edit or delete the flavor in system PRD.
  • Editing of the flavor is only possible in the original system (e.g. system DEV)
  • In case you want to delete a transported flavor you must add it to a transport request first. Afterwards you are able to delete it from DEV and to transport the deletion to your PRD systems.

Related Notes

Please ensure that SAP Note 2268026 has been applied to your system before releasing any transport