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UI Kit in the Collection

UI Kit is the library of the foundational building blocks which are used to create all of the extensions we design.

It is available as an Abstract Collection, with multiple subpages for all of the components. 

Tips & tricks

  • It is not necessary to have Abstract account in order to just view the Collections.
  • Once you launch the UI Kit, you can enter Inspect mode and check all of the details for each element. Either through third tab when you are viewing details, or directly from the tile itself click "Inspect" button.

– or –

  • Keep in mind that all of the fonts and colours in this UI Kit are hard-coded, but in development they should be defined as system fonts and variables. It's just that our design tools need to hard-code them.
  • The UI Kit is a live & evolving document. That same link will be updated and kept fresh as refinements or more elements are added.
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