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Table of contents

General GuidelinesUnderstand the foundational material on which everything rests.
Screen SizeThe room we have at our disposal, being an embedded suite
Construction ZonesToolbar, canvas, panels
The Grid System20/60 infinite stackable, left aligned system
ToolbarHousing the top level actions
TablesZebras and actions
Side PanelsWork in progress
Contextual MenusNo right-click menu in apps
Success and Error ToastsNative is the way to go
Loading and WaitingBest practices on how to do loading actions
Inline ValidationFollowing the VS Code inline check
TooltipsWork in progress
Input FieldsBasics of how input fields work, character count, and more
Extension StatesWork in progress
ColorsWork in progress
Typography – System StackThere are no hard-coded fonts
Typography – Styles7 styles to rule them all
AnimationOrganic and smooth

Evolving document

These guidelines are an evolving document and as we refine or add a block this whole block of work will be updated. 

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