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SAP Screen Personas

Using Flavor groups

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Oisin ONidh , Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Dominik Ofenloch

Updated in Administrative Guide - Object Maintenance SP08


This article describes how you can use flavor groups and how you can benefit from them. Flavor groups enable users to have a consistent flavor appearance when switching between transactions.


Imagine the followig situation: You are the administrator of the national park service and you have the task to create a dashboard for each national park. In addition, each national park wants to have its own flavors based on its own requirements. You have already created the flavors for the Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park and now you want to have a consistent user experience when switching to other transactions based on the selected national park-specific dashboard flavor.

For this and similar scenarios, we have created flavor groups. Starting with Personas 3.0 SP03 you can group flavors. As soon as you have assigned a flavor to a group and you switch to another transaction, the system first checks whether another flavor of the same group in the target transaction exists. If yes the flavor of the active group gets applied instead of the original default flavor for the given user/transaction combination.  

Setting up flavor groups

Setting up a flavor group is very simple:

1) Start Flavor Administration transaction /PERSONAS/FLAVORS and search for your flavor in the Flavor Admin Tool.

2) Enter the group name of your choice into input field "Group". The field can be filled with any character string of your choice. It is not predefined in another customizing table.

3) Repeat the steps 1) and 2) for all other flavors you want to assign to the same flavor group. It is important that the group name matches with your first flavor group. Only then will Personas be able to apply the flavor group when switching to another transaction. 

Please be aware of the following restrictions and prerequisites:

  • Only flavors assigned to the user's flavor manager are considered. Flavors having a flavor group but located in the users Flavor Gallery are not considered when searching for flavors belonging to the active flavor group.
  • In case two flavors of the same group are available in the user's flavor manager, the alphabetical first flavor of the active group gets applied.
  • As long as a flavor group is active, the default-flavor-determination will check first for flavors belonging to the same group. If no flavor having the active group is found, the standard default flavor gets applied. Otherwise the flavor belonging to the active group is used.

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

Please apply SAP Note 2319311 before using flavor groups



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