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This space was archived and will be deleted on December 1st for lack of activity - if you think it is needed please notify us:


Welcome to SAP Technology Troubleshooting Guide!

The Java Server Troubleshooting Guide has been enhanced to include solutions to a wide range of problems that may occur in your work with SAP products.

Please visit the new SAP Technology Troubleshooting Guide

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  1. Guest

    This whole space is just great. Thanks so much for having it put in place !

  2. Guest

    Looking forward to more information for NW70 Java.  Trying to diagnose problems is like reading tea leaves.

  3. Hi,

     Nice work indeed.

    I just have one question, where do I put wiki related to JAVA administration (for eg: steps for doing  a kernel upgrade).

    I cannot find any place to put this.



    Should you have any content related to AS Java, do not hesitate to add it. If there is no appropriate category in the wiard, feel free to add a new one in appropriate level.
    Regarding your concrete question - have a look at category "Lifecycle Management and Tools" and this page - (SLTG)(SAPJUP)Q0001. They may be relevant.
    Maria Jurova