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What is the component type of the DC to be built?



(grey lightbulb) Hints

How to determine the component type of a DC?

The component type of a DC can be easily determined from a build log or in the NetWeaver Developer Studio.

  • In the info section of the build plugin look for the entry type. Common component types are:
    • Java
    • J2EE, subtype WebModule
    • J2EE, subtype EJBModule
    • J2EE, subtype Enterprise Application
    • Web Dynpro
    • Dictionary
    • Enterprise Portal, subtype Portal Application Standalone

  • In the 7.0x Developer Studio select the "DC Meta Data" node of a DC and check the DC Type entry in the "Properties" view.
  • In the 7.1x Developer Studio select the DC in the "Component Browser" and check the DC Type entry in the "Component Properties" view.


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