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In which phase does the build fail?

It fails in the DC Model Check phase
It fails in the Build phase


(grey lightbulb) Hints

How to read a build log?

A build log has a simple human readable text content that resembles the output format of ANT.

  • A typical build log starts with information about the DC, development configuration, source code location and so on ( green frame).
  • In the section DC Model Check phase ( blue frame) the validity of dependencies is checked and whether referenced components or public parts are actually available. If something is wrong, the build stops at this point and the build log ends with an error message.
  • When the model check succeeded eventually the build plugin is loaded and the Build phase starts ( red frame). Here you can always find details about the build plugin, like its name and release information. SAP Support usually will ask for this information when build problems are reported.

How to download a build log archive from CBS Web UI

SAP Note 1305991 explains this in detail

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