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Is a DC broken by itself or due to used DCs?

DC is broken by itself
Brokenness is propagated from other DCs: fix the broken used DCs first


 The SCN article Understanding Broken and Dirty DCs explains the concept of broken and dirty DCs
See also the Document on Fixing Broken Development Components

How to check the reason for the "broken" state of a DC?

1. Open the CBS WebUI
2. Select the "Buildspaces" pane
3. In the table of buildspaces click the link for the buildspace that contains the DC
4. Select the compartment that contains the DC
5. In the "Development Components" table select the filter "Broken"
6. A red traffic light in the rows "Compile State" or "Metadata" indicates a problem with the DC itself, while a red traffic light in the row "Used DCs" indicates that a used DC could not be resolved

5a. Select the filter "due to Used DCs" to see only those DCs that have unresolved dependencies
5b. Select the filter "due to own Compilation/Metadata Error" to see only those DCs with build problems or invalid metadata

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