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Have all relevant changes been activated / released for transport?

Still broken DCs after pending transport / activations have been triggered

How to analyze the different DC build results in NWDS and CBS

Items (NWDI)(CBS) invalid metadata, (NWDI)(CBS) Import failed because request processing failed and (NWDI)(CBS) Build log explain how to retrieve the necessary information with respect to DC build errors.

Often the cause for the different DC build results in NWDS and CBS is that pending activities have not been activated so far.
The CBS Web UI allows to find such pending activities and to activate them

  1. Start CBS Web UI.
  2. On the first screen select the buildspace in question.
  3. Click on "Requests".
  4. Select "Pending Activities" tabstrip.
  5. Check the pending activities.

The article describes the DTR Web UI reporting tools. Tools like workspace comparison are helpful when searching for changes that have not been activated or transported so far.

SDN article explains how to handle integration conflicts.

How to detect missing transports

Refer to item (NWDI)(CMS)Q0023

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