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Is the system of the track properly configured for deployment and is the correct runtime system used?



How to check if a system of a track is configured properly for deployment ?

1. Open CMS Web UI (http://<host>:<port>/devinf --> Change Management System)
2. Go to Landscape Configurator --> Track Data
3. For the given track select tab Runtime Systems
4. Check for the affected system whether CMS can connect to the Runtime System by expanding the "View/Edit Deployment Substitution Parameters" tray.
(grey lightbulb) If substitution parameters are visible, connection works. If this table is empty then the connection does not work.

5. Does it really point to the expected runtime system?

Hints in case the connection does not work:
  • Check the Deploy Host (try with FQDN, IP address as well) 
  • The port shall end to 18 if the runtime system is lower equal to 7.0X
  • The port shall end to 04 if the runtime system is higher equal to 7.1X
  • In case of SDM there is no user to be defined, but if you choose Deploy controller, make sure the user is correctly spelled and has J2EE Administrator rights.
  • Rather re-write the Deploy password, even if you think you entered it correctly, and make sure you pay extra attention to special characters and keyboard layouts.
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