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Is DTR stopped?


Yes: Start the DTR.

No: Is the value defined in JDBC connection bigger then 0?


(grey lightbulb) Hints

on 700: You can check whether the DTR application status in the Visual Administrator of J2EE Engine. To launch the Visual Administrator, go to the installation drive of the SAP Web AS.

  1. On Windows platforms, start <installation_drive>:\usr\sap<system_id>\JC<instance_no>\j2ee\admin\go.bat
  2. On UNIX platforms, start /usr/sap<system_id>/JC<instance_no>/j2ee/admin/
  3. Log on to the J2EE Engine where you have the problem, and select server<instance_no> > services > Deploy > Application and then select the application

You can then see if the DTR application is running.

on >= 710: look for the application in http://<host>:<port>/nwa/start-stop