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When trying to access DTR WebUI, the user receives a java.lang. StackOverflowError  error.


This occurs when a group named <X> has one of its parent groups (not necessarily a direct parent) as a member. It is likely that you have the following configuration:
"group1" is member of "group2" [is member of ...] is member of "group1"

The DTR currently cannot handle circular dependencies in the user group definitions.


The solution is to break up the circular dependencies. Beware that other resources may refer to this group!

Hint: start the analysis with the groups of the user which receives this error when trying to access the DTR WebUI.

If the user-group setup is too complicated, then the easiest way to locate the problem is if you switch on DEBUG severity for the log location then reproduce the problem and doublecheck the DEBUG entries in the latest defaultTrace. SAP Note 770853 will help you how to change the severity. (After the test please do not forget to reset the severities,  to avoid running into performance problems.)

Sample logs

Application error occurred during request processing.
Details:Error [javax.servlet.ServletException: null], with root cause [java.lang.StackOverflowError: null].
Exception id: [00132164FADF005E000003BF000011C800044EFBE63DE460]

Related SAP Notes

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