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Activation requests are rejected with messages like "You are not authorized...", "You have not enough privileges...", or "only privileged users and administrators are allowed to...".


Check if the CBS Buildspace is opened

  1. Open the CBS Web UI and navigate to the buildspace in question.
    On the summary page, you will see whether the buildspace is closed or in privileged mode.
    See also item (NWDI) (CBS) The State of a Buildspace Remains in Privileged Mode
  2. If it is in privileged mode, click on the Requests link at the top.
  3. On the Advanced Search pane select "Request Type=IMPORT" and "Status=PROCESSING".
  4. If the result list is not empty, then an import is running and the server will temporarily accept no requests from developers. Repeat the activation later on.

Check the user rights

The roles of a developer regarding CBS are maintained in a central user store. Apply to the DTR or CBS Administrators group for the necessary rights and roles.