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You have made a change to a deployable development component (DC) in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. You have checked in and activated this change, but it has not arrived in the runtime system.


CMS, NWDI, runtime system, DC, deploy, activation.


Step 1

Take a look at the automatic deployment logs in Development Configurations Perspective as follows:
1. Choose the Active DCs tab page and select a DC.
2. Open the context menu for the DC.
3. Choose Central Deployment Log.
You see the log of the last deployment of this DC to the runtime system configured in CMS.

Step 2: Saving Logs in the File System

More information is available in SAP Note 732921.

Step 3: TCS Deploy Queue Monitor

1. Find out the connection parameters of the SAP NetWeaver AS Java on which CBS is running. This information is available in the CBS URL of the track configuration in CMS.
2. Use the following URL to start the TCS Deploy Queue Monitor: http://<host>:<port>/TCS/Deployer.
3. Determine whether your build request is displayed for your buildspace. If you can see your build request here it is still waiting to be deployed. If the request is not listed, this may be due to the following reasons:

    • The automatic deployment function has already processed the request. Check the deployment log in Developer Studio again.
    • CBS has sent the build request ID to the automatic deployment function. In this case, there is an error in CBS that must be investigated further there. See also >>>>>>>LINK: Troubleshooting in CBS.
      If the number of build requests for the buildspace is getting smaller, automatic deployment is already running and CMS will deploy the request at some point in time. Deployment usually starts right away, but if you cannot see any changes after several minutes, further analysis is necessary.

Step 4: Manual Tests in Software Deployment Managers (SDM)

1. Log on to the SDM server of the runtime system. You can find information about the runtime system in the track configuration in CMS.
2. Check whether you can log on to the SDM server. If not, one of the following errors could exist:

    • The SDM server is not running.
      Contact the system administrator and ask him or her to start the SDM process or start it yourself in the SAP Management Console.
    • The SDM server is blocked by another process.
      Wait until the blocking process has been completed. Ask the user who is blocking SDM whether he or she can log off from the server.
      Also log off from SDM yourself so that you do not block deployments to the runtime system.

Step 5: TCSDeployer Trace

If you can reproduce the error, you can switch on the TCSDeployer trace to get more information about its cause. To do this, configure the trace in Log Configurator in Visual Administrator. Choose Runtime > Categories > Root Category > Applications > TCSDeployer.

Additional Information

This solution applies for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 systems.