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The session times out / expires ...

Read the Hints below to answer the question


(lightbulb) Hints

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Similar error is displayed in the browser

or similar traces printed in defaultTrace: Worker [0]##0#0#Warning#1#/System/UserInterface#Java
Session unknown: Request with URI={0} was sent to unknown session. Either request with wrong session parameters was sent, or session has expired before {1}. 
Current request parameters={2}. Is termination request={3}. Request was sent from host with IP={4}/name={5}. Hint: see SAP note 842635 for more details on session expiration. 
RID={6} [EXCEPTION] {7}#8#/webdynpro/dispatcher/ Aug 24 14:00:31 CEST 2006#{sap-wd-cltwndid=1, sap-wd-norefresh=x, sap-wd-appwndid=1}#false# Application session has expired: No application session with ID 1 exists. 
Hint: A follow-up request was sent to Web Dynpro, but no corresponding session was found under the existing sessions. 
Reasons: a) Session has expired; b) Web Dynpro is called with incorrect session parameters; c) Application session has been destroyed due to proceeding exception. 
Please restart the application. at



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