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Author Ruturaj Inamdar


1)First sign up for Google Map API key .Link for this is

Then enter URL .You can enter any URL.But it is better to enter the URL of your server on which you will deployee your application

like http://<port>:<port number>/

Then after that enter your gmail userid and password .After successful login you will find your key.Just put the key on your mxml coding.

Also we have to import map_1_9.swc and map_flex_1_9.swc file

The code of mxml u will find on following link

Following changes are done on that code

gMap.key = "enter your api key here - enter your api key here";

One important things in this code is that we have to remove "AU"

var geocoder:ClientGeocoder = new ClientGeocoder("AU");      // Remove that "AU"
After compile this application create one .swf file

This is the first part which is done on flex developement.

In Web Dynpro Developement

Developing web dynpro application.

After creating a component one view is created by default. Add viewContainerUIElement this view.

Create second iView.Right click on RootElement and replace with FlashIsland.

In property tab give the name of SWF file which is created in FlexDevelopement.

Copy that .SWF file which is created in FlexDevelopement .

In WebDynpro click on Navigator tab .

Goto hirarchy projectname->src>mimes> Components->

and paste that SWF file .

Open windows embedded second view .

Finally deploy and run the application.

U will show GoogleMAP .