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Author: Koti Reddy Chimalamarri


The CBS command line tool can be used in a shell-oriented environment to retrieve CBS information and perform administrative tasks.

Version : NWDI 7.3 , NWDS 7.3


NWDS 7.3 Should be Installed and configured to use NWDI7.3 with valid NWDI.Administrator user.

Technical Details

Start the Command Line Tool as per wiki :

Select the application From Program to Run and choose Run to start CBS Command Line Tool.

Observe the Console and use help command to find list of commands can be used with CBS Command Line Tool.

To know how to use the command with parameters , always use help with command as shown below which list example as well.

To execute few commands , first CBS Connection should be established otherwise it throws Error message.

Use below sample code to connect to CBS to perform / execute other dependent commands.

In the above screenshot , -c referred to CBS URL , -u referred to userid to connect to CBS , -p referred to password of the user.

Now execute the command to know the list of dcs available in buildspace. Buildspace name can be taken from CBS UI Buildspaces.

Similar way , It is possible to know and execute the commands.

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